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    Institutional Galleries, Museums, and Public Exhibition Spaces

    0107 - founded 2004 by NAC: downtown space at MICA building for multi-media presentations.
    5th Passage Artist Ltd - founded 1991 by Susie Lingam and Suzann Victor: previous exciting exhibition space at Parkway Parade before its closure partly from the strong media, governmental, and public pressure over the provocative shows held there.
    72-13 - opened 2005: website: a converted rice warehouse that is the new home of Theatre Works that may become a gallery, a theatre or a cinema.
    Alliance Francaise - website: spacious Societe Generale Gallery, with art shows such as solo show by Jimmy Quek, or group shows.
    Art Retreat - founded 2003: website: private art museum in Singapore with 1500 works - primarily local and South-east Asia, includes also Western Masters, located at 10 Ubi Crescent, Lobby C, #01-45/46/47 Ubi Techpark in 2006.
    Arts Expression - founded 2005: Singapore General Hospital has a corridor wall at Level 1 that holds art shows relating to health themes, artists who have exhibited there include Susie Wong.
    ArtyFakt - founded 2002 by Thomas Markus Manhart: website: registered in Singapore, searches a holistic approach to the arts in their intercultural and interdisciplinary aspects, a space for artistic activities and collaborations with other artists from different cultures and genres, at Geylang Lorong 24.
    Asian Civilisation Museum, ACM - collection of fine arts and artifacts from Asia, occasional arts exhibition held there, such as Zhang Daqian's show.
    Australian High Commission - lobby space sometimes hold shows.
    Blue Room - the small intimate space at Substation for exhibitions and workshops.
    British Council - in the early part of the twentieth century, this was a major exhibition venue: at present, occasional art exhibitions held at this venue, Trimurthi originated here.
    Calvary Gallery - founded 2004 by Victor Yu: website: Calvary Italian Design School at the Business District with an exhibition space.
    Chijmes - beautiful large space for rent; occasional art exhibitions held, such as the solo-exhibition by Henri Chen, and by Earl Lu.
    Citilink Mall, aka Esplanade Citilink - the underground walkway that leads to the Esplanade has shop-front window spaces and wall spaces for installations and paintings.
    DBS Arts Centre - Robert Quay theatre foyer occasionally holds small visual art shows.
    DP Space - the gallery space adjacent to DP architects at Marina Mandarin was previously run by Koh Lin-Ai, and has held shows such as Histologics by Chng Nai Wee.
    Danger Museum - founded 1998 by Woon Tien Wei and Miho: the mobile online museum.
    Earl Lu/LaSalle Gallery - shows local and international art at the spacious gallery at the College of the Arts; headed by Bing Hui in 2003.
    Esplanade - opened 2002: Theatres on the Bay, performing arts center and public site art space, the architect designed the building with few walls, the lobby and the atria are challenging spaces; the main enclosed gallery is Jendala.
    Fort Canning Centre Gallery - 294 square meters space in the building that has hosted art shows, for instance Chong Fah Chong's solo, and has been used for other functions.
    Fort Canning Sculpture Trail - sculptures are dotted over the green landscape infused with history; formerly the Royal government and burial grounds of the ancient rulers of Singapore.
    Goethe Institut Singapur - German cultural center in Singapore with exhibition space, with art shows such as by Matthew Ngui.
    Hype Gallery Singapore - founded 2005: first Asian HYPE gallery showed at the Arts House, first HYPE was in London.
    Jendala - opened 2002: the enclosed 2159 square meter art space at the Esplanade that has a C-curved gallery with slanting wall panels intermixed with windows to the sea; a challenging space to display works; submit proposals to the Visual Arts Exhibition Director for a rent-free show.
    La Libreria - founded 2005: website: artists' bookshop and offers a space for aspiring artists, located at 64A Queen St Bugis Village in 2006.
    La Libreria - occasionally holds art events such as Pameran Poskad in 2005, which was participated by artists including Vincent Leow.
    Lee Kong Chian Art Museum - museum at the National University of Singapore houses a collection of old Chinese art.
    Little India Arts Studios - named 2004: loosely-knit band of non-profit art studios, including Your Mother Gallery in 2004.
    Multiple Autonomous Platforms Presents, aka MAPP - founded 2005 by Steven Wong: multi platform vehicle that will host projects concerned with the critical, disruptive possibilities of art and of the relations between aesthetics and politics, 530 square feet of physical exhibition space, a web venue and web game, a video/film archive, a public parks project space and a mobile platform.
    Millenia Singapore Marina Centre - an architecturally engaging outdoor and indoor space where permanent sculptural works and mural works by American masters are installed.
    MICA Atrium, aka MITA Atrium - the enclosure under skylight at the Ministry of Information and the Arts building at Hill Street.
    Museum of Singapore Art & History - the National Archives, National Museum, Asian Civilizations.
    Museums Roundtable, aka MR - founded 1996: website: chaired by the National Heritage Board, 40 member museum, maintain a calendar of art events.
    NAFA Selegie Gallery/NAFA Middle Gallery - exhibits local art and international art at the oldest art academy in Singapore.
    National Library - before the eighties, this site at Stamford Road used to be a popular venue for the staging of art exhibitions.
    National Museum of Singapore - Reopened 2006: website: shows Singapore Biennale in 2006.
    National University of Singapore Art Museums - houses the Lee Kong Chian Art Museum, the South and Southeast Asian Art Collection, and a virtual gallery.
    Nei Xue Tang - a Buddhist Art Museum, also shows some of Tan Swie Hian's works, under the House Museum scheme.
    Ngee Ann Cultural Centre - exhibition space for art shows, apply to the non-profit organization Ngee Ann Kongsi.
    Ng Eng Teng Gallery - founded 1997: houses the sculptor's donated works.
    NIE Art Gallery - space at the Bukit Timah campus and at 1 Nanyang Walk.
    Nog Studio - founded 2004 by Angie Seah: walk-up artist-run space at Jalan Besar that just fronts the main road.
    p-10 - founded 2004 by 5 art practitioners: public art space and program run by artists and art professionals in Little India at Perumal Place, has another space at 109 Rowell Road.
    Pacific Plaza - now unavailable, historically the empty unrented spaces had been used by artists to exhibit, to name one: Suzann Victor's Her Mother is a Theatre.
    Public Art Space@Pan Pacific - opened 2005: second level of hotel designed by architect John Portman, long curve wall space for display of works, artist Rajinder Singh held the inaugural show.
    Raffles Library - defunct: in the days before the National Library at Stamford Road, this was an exhibition space.
    Shuttle Space - NIE space for videos shows.
    Passage - founded 2002: art space at the National Institute of Education; the inaugural project is the Blank Slate Community.
    Plastique Kinetic Worms - the origins of the underground artists with an attitude and their co-operative gallery, first at 2 locations at Chinatown, now at Little India, previous directors include Vincent Leow, and previous managers include Dana Lam.
    Red Dot Traffic Design Museum , aka Red Dot Museum - founded 2005: the Singapore museum of the Red Dot Museum of Germany, sited at the previous Maxwell Road Police Station, president in 2006 is Ken Koo, who headed the quest to bring the design center to Singapore from Essen, Germany.
    Republic Polytechnics Cultural Center - in the midst of construction at the sprawling campus in Jurong.
    Selegie Arts Centre/Loke Wan Tho Gallery - art and photography exhibition center.
    Sentosa Artists Village Gallery - opened 2001: gallery space at Sentosa Island of Singapore.
    Singapore Art Museum, aka SAM - opened 1996: introduction to the main art institution in Singapore.
    Singapore Art Museum, aka SAM - website: the main art institution collecting and exhibiting art in Singapore, directed by Kwok Kian Chow.
    Singapore Calligraphy Center - space at Waterloo street, center of the arts district, a conserved charming two-storey house compound that periodically holds calligraphy and Chinese art shows.
    Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce - has an exhibition hall which has held many Chinese Art exhibitions in the past.
    Singapore Conference Hall - previously the main venue for all art exhibition and performance in Singapore, now a secondary exhibition center, sited in the business district, still a large space in a building designed in the International style, and has convenient parking facilities.
    Singapore River Sculpture Trail - a series of engaging artworks are planned for those who stroll along the waterfront.
    Singapore Tyler Print Institute, aka STPI - opened 2002: large gallery space that exhibits the master print works and sculptures of artists who have collaborated with the master print makers at the institute to create their works.
    Singapore Tyler Print Institute - opening address by Minister David Lim.
    Sculpture Square - opened 1999: an introduction to Sculpture Square, with enclosed exhibition spaces of a main exhibition hall and a smaller art gallery, with a decent sized outdoor exhibition space; the gallery has  been managed by Patricia and Tay Swee Lin.
    Sculpture Square - the big new place for sculpture in Singapore headed by Patricia Law during inauguration, and later by Tay Swee Lin in 2002.
    St James Power Station - a former coal-fired power station, now an empty space with high ceilings that have been the sire for some art shows including Reconstruction of a City.
    Studio 19 - opened 2004: artist group and exhibition space established earlier by 3 artists Kai Lam, Ulrich Lau, and Zuklifie Mahmoud.
    Studio 106, formerly known as Joo Chiat Studio  - founded 1966 by Ng Eng Teng: the late sculptor's studio at 106 Joo Chiat was opposite his residence at 127, it is now a residential art studio adopted by the La-Salle SIA College of the Arts as an environment for research and practice, for local and visiting artists, and professional working in art-related fields.
    Swee Guan Art Gallery - founded circa 1992: formerly the largest private gallery in Singapore at Mohammed Sultan entertainment district before its conversion to a hot nightspot; the gallery has staged solo shows such as that by Mohammad din Mohammad and Chng Nai Wee.
    Tan Swie Hian Museum - at 460 Sim's Avenue, open by appointment.
    Temasek Junior College - allows the hosting of small shows.
    The Art Gallery @ NTU-NIE - sited at central courtyard at Nanyang Walk.
    The Arts House @ Old Parliament - opened 2004: built 1827, a 177 year-old historical building is now a site for the Arts, has a visual arts gallery.
    The Centre for the Arts - the  spacious galleries at the National University of Singapore.
    The Gallery of Arts and Social Sciences@Singapore Management University - opened 2006: the Visual Arts Initiative (VAI) of the university - inaugural show is Artery.
    The Other House - founded 2004: 66 Rowell Road private house space run by interdisciplinary artists, closed 2005 when the founder went to work in Shanghai.
    The Substation - founded 1990 by Kuo Pao Kun, PPAS (Practice Performance Arts School): the first independent contemporary Singapore art space with works often unconfined to exhibition hall, headed by T Sasitharan in 2001, and headed by Lee Weng Choy and Audrey in 2003, built in 1926-7.
    The Visual Arts Gallery - founded by Designtaxi in 2005: showcases 12 works by creative artists and designers every month virtually, has an office at Teck Lim Road.
    Telok Kurau Artist Studios, aka TKS - founded 1997 by NAC: studio exhibitions, two gallery halls available for rental to show works of the artists.
    University Cultural Center - opened 2000: calendar of events at this magnificent space.
    Your Mother Gallery - founded 2004 by Jeremy Hiah and Lina Adam: website: started off in a kitchen space, now at the main hall, 91A Hindoo Road, part of the Little India (Artists-run) Art Studios.
    Your Mother Gallery - reference.

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