Little India Open Studios

4 and 5 December (Sat and Sun) 2004
11am to 8 pm

Little India Open Studios is the first time that all the contemporary visual artists, art groups and art spaces in Little India are coming together to hold an open house to the public. There are a total of 8 locations with more than 20 artists. Members of the public are welcomed to visit art spaces, see art exhibitions, check out artists studios, chat with the artists and see their new works.

Dont miss this rare opportunity for a weekend of contemporary art, interesting conversation and good company!

For location map and details, please visit Alternatively, you could contact p-10 (6294 0041) or the individual participants as listed below.


The Artists Village     
91A Hindoo Road | | 6296 8707 |

nog studio              
59B Jalan Besar |

The Other House 
66 Rowell Road |

10 Perumal Road | | 6294 0041 |

Plastique Kinetic Worms
61 Kerbau Road |
| 6292 7783 |
[Please note that PKW will be open until 7pm on 4 Dec (Sat) and 3pm on 5 Dec (Sun).]


From 10 Perumal Road (6294 0041 |
Cheong Kah Kit  
Wilkie Tan
Susie Wong      

From 12A Perumal Road
Chan Liping
Jacelyn Kee
Lee Sze-Chin
Lim Kok Boon
Donna Ong
Guo Liang

From 14A Perumal Road
Chia Chuyia
Juliana Yasin
Grace Kwa
Lee Chuen Ping  

From 4B Perumal Road
Chia Wei Hao
Heng Yew Seng
Dorathy Lye
Ong Hui Har

From 66 Rowell Road
Foo Aiwei
Yang Ge
Teresa Teo Guttensohn   
Annabelle Felise Aw
Rutherford Chang
Emily Chua

From 91A Hindoo Road (6296 8707 |
Jeremy Hiah
Lina Adam