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Pameran Poskad

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Opening: 13 Aug 2005, 5-8:30pm

'Pameran Poskad' is an exhibition of small postcard-sized works by a loose collection of people. 131 participants made up of artists, photographers, art students, fashion designers, housewives, kids, businessmen; professionals and non-professionals. Aside from Singapore, there are participants from Japan, the Phillipines, China, Canada, America, Germany, Indonesia, UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, France and Australia.

The idea was started by a few of us (Tamae, Eitaro, KC and myself) last year. We thought it would be a really good idea to work together on a project, which makes numerous connections between 131 artist and their viewers in one spot in 2 weeks.

This exhibition is running on a shoe string. 100% funded by the participants. Much credit goes to them for forking out the cash for this show.

Small works are a lot easier to make. Even with that, everyone had to take time out from their busy schedule to make a few pieces of works. There are no idlers here!

Small works are a lot more affordable. Prices ranges from $5 to $250. All prices are set by the participants.

Variety is the name of the game and it would be very interesting to see the works put together. They consist of drawings, ceramic works, paintings, photographs, prints. textile, paper works.

- Karen Ang

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