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    Directory of International Art Magazines and Portals 

    Acheron - art scene news, articles, links, and galleries.
    Adaweb - conceptual art, named after Lady Ada Lovelace, the woman credited with authoring the first computer program.
    Alt Text - exploration of text and imagery meant to be a two way interaction between the reader and writer, or reader and artist.
    American Center for Artists - biographies and autobiographies as well as paintings, sculptures, and other original works by famous and emerging artists.
    American Style Magazine - quarterly guide to what's happening on the arts scene.
    Angel Cake - includes women's art gallery and requests reader submissions.

    Anweb - United Kingdom site that is a comprehensive resource for artists.
    Art Access - trove of art.
    Art Asia Pacific -one of Asia's leading contemporary art magazines.
    Art Bin - Swedish/international forum for art, literature, music, cultural politics.

    Art Corridor - Malaysian-based regional visual arts magazine and portal.
    Art Journal - international art journal that collates the best of the recent articles.
    Art of the West - featuring quality western art from new and established artists.

    Art Public - magazine and database of public art.
    Art Review - art magazine for buying fine art and antiques.
    Art Revue - what gallery owners are looking for, what the market is vying for, where art is sold, and who is buying.
    Art Speak - a gathering space for discussion on fine art.
    Art Tunnel, The - every Art section from past issues of Urban Desires Magazine.
    Art's New View - look at the visual and performing arts - featuring interviews, reviews, music, theatre, gallery listings.
    ArtByte - magazine of digital culture: e-culture, architecture/design, video art, special f/x, digital music.
    ArtCommotion - magazine exposing contemporary visual and literary art of Los Angeles.
    Artdeal - cyberzine for the visual arts published by painter and art critic, Addison Parks.
    Artistic Forum - interactive guide to the fine arts.
    ArtNet Magazine - news and analysis of the NYC art world: columns, criticism, reviews, interviews, international reports, images of artworks and art world figures.
    ArtNet Web - art on the web.
    ARTnews - covering the art, personalities, issues, trends and events of the international art world.
    ArtPage - magazine, virtual gallery space and a comprehensive guide to galleries and museums in New York City, with handy clickable maps.
    ArtPlanet: The International Arts & Entertainment Guide - cultural magazine with information and listings on international cultural events.
    ArtsFusion - monthly arts magazine featuring news, original articles, portfolios, and resources for artists of all disciplines.
    ArtsReach - journal for professionals dedicated to increasing revenue in the arts.
    Artthrob - online South African magazine of contemporary visual arts.
    Asian Arts - on-line forum and journal dedicated to the exhibition and study of the arts of Asia.
    AsianArts Newspaper - monthly publication on classical visual arts including Indian sculpture, Chinese ceramics, Japanese prints, as well as contemporary and installation art.
    Bombsite - contemporary arts and culture. Interviews between artists, writers, actors, directors, and musicians.
    Canada Art - showcases artists' works.
    Cellar Door - infrequently updated arts magazine on the net.
    Coagula Art Journal - gossip, succinct theory, informed opinion.
    Connaissance des Arts - international art magazine.
    Crafts Report - monthly business journal for professional artists, artisans, painters, potters, photographers and sculptors.
    Daruma Magazine - devoted solely to Japanese art and antiques.
    DigitalCult - your utopia for finding inspiration and meaning in digital art.
    Downtown - arts and activit
    ies calendar published nine times a year by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
    e-tour - interactive arts and culture e-zine, based in East London.
    Eco Art Magazine - explores the harmonious relationship of contemporary ecological art with environmental science, sustainable technologies and ecologically sensitive villages.
    Enterzone - writing, art, and new media featuring criticism, fiction, poetry, philosophy, hypertexts, computer graphics, interactive artforms, scanned photography, and drawings.
    EPIPHÁNEIA -the aesthetics of new technologies and meaningful works.
    Escala - biannual arts publication, contents are thematically categori
    Ezz-Thetic Online - literature to visual art and film, open submissions and resources for artists.
    fineArt Forum - an electronic newsletters serving the art and technology community.
    Flash Art - monthly international art magazine; focus on contemporary and emerging artists.
    Gallery Guide On-Line - listing displays and exhibitions at more than 1,500 art galleries and museums.
    Glass Line Newsletter - newsletter source for hot glass artists, wholesalers, retailers, glass blowers, lamp
    workers, bead makers, sculptures, and hobbyists.
    Global Arts Review - international online magazine of the arts.
    Graphic Arts Monthly - latest printing industry news, products, people and the industry.
    Increase and diffusion - captures the breadth of the Smithsonian Institution.

    Information Arts - Stephen Wilson's fabulous collection of links of information artists.

    Interesting Ideas - interesting or bizarre ?
    Interface - a journal of art and technology, features, interviews, critical analyses, and the works of artists who use technology in their work.
    International Gallerie - stories and features on the arts.
    Irreverence - devoted to the problemati
    of accepted ideas through art.
    Juxtapoz - lowbrow art magazine with interviews, portfolios, sketches and studio visits.
    Merge - international cultural quarterly published in Stockholm and New York.
    Metropolis - committed to the examination of contemporary life by architects and artists.
    Modern Painters - United Kingdom's best-selling magazine on painters and painting.
    Mosaic World & Vision - with articles, images, and tips for the mosaic artist.
    Mutual Reality - United Kingdom's upfront digital arts and culture magazine.
    Net Net - art and technology.
    New Art Examiner - examines the latest trends and movements in art.
    New - serving the NYU community with fresh art and writing.
    Orientations - monthly publication for collectors and connoisseurs of Asian Art.
    OverSight - online journal of community and alternative art.
    Painting - features that address techniques and patterns for decorative artists.
    Parallel - online ar
    t journal of post-modernism and popular culture
    Part - magazine of art and theory produced by CUNY graduate students.
    Philadelphia Art World - an online magazine in conju
    ction with Art Matters.
    Post-Dogmatist Quarterly - for the advant garde.
    Potato Barn Magazine - monthly magazine about the visual arts scene of Eastern Long Island with articles, reviews, and imagery.
    Preview of the Visual Arts - Pacific Northwest regional directory of art dealers and galleries with links to artist and gallery sites.
    Raw Vision - quarterly journal of intuitive and visionary art.
    Review - bimonthly reviews of current art exhibitions in New York City.
    Review NYC - contemporary New York art exhibition reviews.
    San Francisco Arts Monthly - monthly listing of arts events in the Bay Area.
    Sandbox - features art, photography, interviews, fiction, poetry, commentary, subversion, and much more.
    Scribendi - the art and literary magazine of the General Honors Program at the University of New Mexico.
    Sculpture - the international magazine, based in America.
    Spectacle - devoted to innovative, engrossing content that breaks the rules.
    Stare - home of Stare and An Artist's Notebook of Sorts, two arts periodicals.
    Striking Distance - interviews, essays and exhibits on photography, multimedia, sculpture, video, and critical issues.
    Sunshine Artist - information, reviews, and articles on the arts and crafts business.
    Super Shibuya - portraits in Japan.
    Swanky - underground artists.
    Switch - an electronic art journal from the CADRE Institute at San Jose State University.
    The Arts Magazine - Singapore's leading arts magazine.
    The Thing - online publication covering contemporary art, with a focus on web-based projects.
    Trace Magazine - for stolen art and antiques.
    Trans - accesses the internet as an editorial tool to connect many diverse correspondent and contributors, and bring the reader into the active editorial process.
    Tribal Arts - magazine dedicated to fine and antique traditional art from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.
    WetCanvas - online magazine aimed at visual artists; features art tutorials, news, events, message forums.
    Wildlife Art Magazine - information about art and artist depicting animals and the natural world.
    ZeroZine - quarterly art magazine accepts photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, short stories, and other literature.
    Zing Magazine - a curatorial crossing emanating from NYC, featuring artist-curated sections of art, literature, music, film, and video.

    Directory of International Art Shows 

    Ars Electronica - inaugural show 1979: website: the oldest premier art and technology international show based in Austria.
    Asia-Pacific Triennale. aka APT - art from Asia Pacific at Australia.
    Berlin Biennale - global art in Germany.
    Buenos Aires Biennale - global art in Argentina.
    Cairo Biennale - global art at Egypt.
    Dakar Biennale - global art show.
    Documenta - website: one of the world's largest show of contemporary art in the town Kassel in Germany, takes place once every 5 years.
    Fukuoka Triennale - Japanese show at the Southern island of Fukuoka.
    Gwangju Biennale - global art in South Korea.
    Havanna Biennale - the international arts show at Cuba.
    Indian Triennale - inaugural show 1968.
    Istanbul Biennale - global art in Turkey.
    Liverpool Biennial - inaugural show 2000 in England.
    Luanda Biennale - inaugural show 2006.
    Moscow Biennale - global art in Russia.
    Lyon Biennale - global art in the art city of France.
    Paris Biennale - inaugural show 1959 - 1985, defunct.

    Prague Biennale - global Art in Europe.
    Sao Paulo Biennial - the biggest show in Latin America.
    Shanghai Biennale - rapidly emerging show with proportionally half Chinese artists, half international artists.
    Sharjah Biennale - global art.
    Singapore Biennale - inaugural show 2006: website: with half Singapore artists, and half international artists.
    SITI Santa Fe show - global art event.
    Sydney Biennale - inaugural show 1973.
    Taipei Biennale - global art in Taiwan.
    Tirana Biennale - global art.
    Valencia Biennale - global art in Spain.
    Venice Biennale - inaugural show 1895: the comprehensive international contemporary show at Venice, Italy.
    Whitney Biennial - American Art at New York.
    Yokohama Triennale - global art in Japan.

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