The Artists' General Assembly (AGA), a week-long arts festival, takes place at the 5th Passage Gallery in the Parkway Parade Shopping Centre. Organised by The Artists Village and
5th Passage Artists Ltd, the festival includes sculptural installations, live music, poetry readings, an international video festival, performance art and a forum on the state of alternative art. .

The Artists Village was founded in 1988 by Tang Da Wu and a group of young artists, and was originally based in a kampung studio space in Sembawang. The artists work in many mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation and performance art. Some of the members (at the time of the AGA) were: Amanda Heng, Koh Nguang How, Zai Kuning, Lee Wen and Vincent Leow.
5th Passage Artists Ltd, founded in 1991, has managed the only artists collective gallery in the country. Run by Suzann Victor, Henry Tang, Susie Lingham and Iris Tan, the group has focussed on issues of gender and identity, and on the work of women artists. It has strongly supported alternative art and music as well as performance art.

The 12-hour AGA New Year's Eve show is part of a series of New Year events that began with The Artists Village 24-hour "Time Show" (89/90). The Substation held "Round the Clock" for New Year's 90/91, and 5th Passage organised a 12-hour New Year's show, "Body Fields" (91/92). A minor controversy ensued over Vincent Leow's performance at "Body Fields" he drank his urine during the performance but the police and government took no action against either artist or organisers.

Source: Lee Weng Choy from Chronology of a controversy