International Art Symposium at the SAM

International Symposium held from the 3rd to the 5th of December 1999. Held at the Singapore Art Museum's Glass Hall everyday from 9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

The programme for the International Symposium over the three days will be outlined as follows...

Day 1 (Fri 3 Dec 1999)

International Practices I (9.30 am- 12 p.m.)
-Biennales & Global Culture
-Art Centres & Geo-Political Landscape
Chair- TK Sabapathy
Speakers- Doug Hall, Rosa Matinez

International Practices II (2.30pm-5 p.m.)
-Nationalising/ De-Nationalising Art/ Artists
- Biennales & Regionalism
-Regionalism & Nationalism/Golbalism
Chair- Doug Hall
Speakers - Lee Young-Chui, Apinam Poshyananda, Marian
Pastor Roces

Day 2 (Sat 4 Dec 1999)

Curatorship (9.30 am- 12pm)
- Curating outside Singapore
- Outside looking In
- Independent/Institutional Practise

Chair- TK Sabapathy
Speakers _ Hou Hanru, Binghui Hunagfu, Kwok Kian Chow

Spaces/ Practices (2.30pm- 5pm)
- Art/Personal/Public Spaces
- Boundaries
- Community and Modes of Practice

Chair- Haresh Sharma
Speakers Noor Effendy Ibraham, Yvonne Lee, Milenko

Day 3 (Sun 5 Dec 1999)

Art and Identity (9.30 am- 12pm)
- Art as Civil Initiatives
- Locality/ Ethnicity
- Presenting Self

Chair- Matthew Ngui
Speakers Zainol Abidin Ahmad Sharrif, Cheo Chai
Hiang, Chua Ek Kay

Urbanism/ Landscape/ Nation (2.30 p.m.- 5pm)
- Art as Architecture
- Landscape as an Ideological Space
- Architecture and Nation

Chair- Hou Hanru
Speakers Chua Beng Huat, Brenda Yeoh, Tay Kheng Soon

For participation in the International Symposium,please contact Tracy Wong at the National Arts Council at 3717-877. The cost of the International Symposium is already at the discounted rate of S$60.