The Sphere for Monologue

An Installation by Lim Tzay Chuen

As part of "Diaphanous", a section of the visual arts program of Nokia Singapore Art 1999, and a project outcome of the cultural Memorandium of Understanding between National Arts Council and Arts Victoria.

30 October - 07 November 1999

Caldwell House Gallery
30 Victoria Street

" The Sphere for Monologues, an installation by Lim Tzay Chuen, a native to Singapore, is sensitive to the architectural space and history of Caldwell House Gallery. Under the words "Marche en ma presence et sois parfit" (Walk In My Presence and be Perfect) the audience is asked to physically cross a barrier, walk to the centre of the space, and stand on a marble stab that denotes the most acoustically sensitive part of the space. The series of decisions and actions required to reach this spot are a metaphor for the physical and psychologial spaces we can experience on a daily basis in dealing with the authoritarian and cultural constructs of 'civilised' society. By challenging the notion of boundaries, both personal and public, the work compels us to question our sense of self and belonging in a world of sameness and/or difference." - Kristen Rann 1999, Curator "Diaphanous"

" There is no ideal space. Every space, however, has its own essence. I am interested in bringing out the essence of a space, a corner, for example, or the light, something beautiful or meaningful to me. A space that holds interesting things to unfold or discover." - Lim Tzay Chuen 1999

Lim Tzay Chuen lives and works in Singapore. His other exhibitions includes -- "Surface" Wetterling Teo Gallery, 1998, "Quiet Perception" Substation Gallery 1998, "Dear Petra, I will be going away soon. Love Lim" UE Square.