acelerated development
decelerated aging
deliberate mutation
gene splicing
gene mapping
gene selection
sex selection
in-vitro fertilisation
artificial womb
fetal surgery
organ transplantation
artificial organs
cyborg construction
programmable minds
androgynous human
bionic senses
performance enhancing drugs
consciousness altering drugs
personality drugs
hormonal implants
electronic implants
disease prophylaxis
diagnostic chips
mutant microbes
friendy microbes
non-toxic chemotherapy
neoplasm prophylaxis
multiple identities
multiple personalities
biological computers
molecular computers
self-learning computers
reproductive computers
virtual reality
holographic telepresence
electronic virtual immortality
infra-red sensing
total life recording
eyes wired to the recorder
mind wired to the internet
mankind as a superorganisn
planet as supernetwork
biotechnics, earth as superintelligence