The Drawing Project

The Artists Village is organising 'Post-Ulu' a year end show at The Substation. In one of the activities of this event, participating artists will attempt to complete 2000 pieces of drawings. This is not to commemorate the coming new millenium, but to ask ourselve what the 'new millenium' means to us. some chose to ignore it, and some choose to celebrate over it. In Post-Ulu, we have decided to create over it.

By drawing, what we meant here is to make visual markings, as a record and testimonial of time, reflecting on individual's creative intention or concern and exploring one's idea through the process of drawing. After the completion of the last of the 2000 Drawings, they will be compiled as a collective effort from many individuals and will be shown in future art exhibitions that will be organised to follow up with 'Post-Ulu'. We hope to explore more with creative processes by embarking on ideas from the 2000 Drawings, in doing so, produce object-based and time-based works from it.

as co-ordinator of this 2000 Drawings project, i am inviting you to join us by taking part in 'Post-Ulu'.

We will be at The Substation's Gallery starting from 28th Dec to put the 2000 Drawings project into action. This project may take two to three working days to be completed, so by 1st Jan 2000, the last drawing should be completed. You may like to take part by visiting 'Post-Ulu', we will be opened from 10am to 10pm daily in the gallery. You can come with a finished drawing or come empty handed with the intention to create. There will be materials provided for you or you can bring your own medium to use.

Alternatively, if you cannot be present on either one of these days during this project, you can send your drawings from 1st Dec to 30th Dec 1999 . please address your drawings together with your full name and contact address to:

Kai, The Artists Village, "Post-Ulu".
The Substation
45, Armenian Street
Singapore 179936
Tel: 3377 535

or fax: (65) 244 3530 Kai, The Artists Village, "Post-Ulu"

or e-mail:

There is no fixed criteria for sending your drawings, it can be of any shapes and sizes, made with any materials, and express every intention you want to. If you can send it, we will accept it.

One thing, all submitted drawings will be non-returnable, but we will acknowledge your participation when exhibiting the completed drawings in future shows....

A qoute from an experienced artist who have done this before, in "The Drawing Show" way back in the past of Dec 1989, "He or she may use it maybe as a means of exploring their ideas and concepts, or a response to the visual imagery and events around him or he may be exploring the potential qualities of materials used for that drawing .Drawing then is an important vehicle for recording and investigating in the artist's own visual langauge".