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Dimension surface 01

Dimension surface 02

Dimension surface 03

Dimension surface 04

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Dimension is a series of works that explores the relationships between binocular visual fusion, visual perspective, ambulatory motion, navigational orientation, and architectural space.

Dimension uses large projections of repetitive wall-paper grids with protruding and recessing monocular shadowing clues. These wallpaper grids create a virtual cladding when screen projected onto surfaces of volumes such as cubes or voluminous spaces, such as rectangular and polygonal solids. These spaces are of room-size of building scale.  These wall-paper grids are dynamic, and are customized by the artist to shift downwards, upwards, sideways, or diagonally, in any of the 8 directions. The surfaces are back-projected and the floor surface is a transparent surface will a reflective mirror below to create the experience of an all-encompassing environment. Through the dynamic wall-paper grids, and monocular shadowing clues, the visitor, will encounter a unique orientation and visual experience while he navigates through the voluminous spaces.

Physiological binocular visual fusion and unification of images allow these wall-paper grids to appear three-dimension to the visitor. The spaces will become like a space constructed by force-fields.

Alternatively, by ways of virtual reality goggles, and further computer programming, it is possible for the artist  to create the illusion of three-dimensional space, and virtual movement by the visitor. This mode of presentation is less preferred.