Solo Shows
2003     Pantheon - Innards of Consciousness, Biopolis, Singapore
2002     Moleculux - luminescent bodies in hyperspace; Sculpture Square; Singapore
2001     Histologics; in conjunction with Tectonics; DP Space; Singapore
1998     Biotechnics; Substation; Singapore
1994     Recent Works; SweeGuan Art Gallery; Singapore
1992     New Works; National Museum Art Gallery; Singapore

Solo Cyber Shows
2002    Futureworks, conceptual digital drafts,
2002    Bioinformatix, digital work,
1999; cyberspace, top-level domain at Cooks and Cocos Island, server in United States

Group Shows
2006     A Vision of Tomorrow, p-10, Singapore
2006     Symbiosis, Marina Mandarin, Singapore
2006     Asian International Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2005     Sculpture Square and Friends, Sculpture Square, Singapore
2005     Et cetera, Telok Kurau Studios Gallery, Singapore
2004     Art invitational, ArtOutreach Program, 4 Seasons, Singapore
2004     SuperMart, Reconstruction of a City, Visions and Illusions, St James Power Station, Singapore
2004     Pigments and Metaphors, Ipreciation, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
2003     Negotiating Boundaries, MASS Show, MITA Atrium, Singapore
2003     Convergences in Arts, Science, and Technology Show, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2003     Made in Singapore, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
2002     Like or Not?, installation, Esplanade Visual Arts Opening Festival, Esplanade, Singapore
Project One, digital work Dimension,, cyberspace
2002     ArtSingapore - Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall, Singapore
2001     The Spirituality of Perception, installation, Histories Identities Technologies Spaces, Singapore Art Museum
2001     Time and Space, MITA Atrium, Singapore
2001     Asian International Art Exhibition, Guangzhou Art Museum, People's Republic of China
2001     Techtonics, DP Space, Singapore
2000     Missile Launch, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific (MAAP), Australia
2000     An Eye To Art, Heng Artland, Singapore
1999     Ophthalmogenesis, installation, City/ Community, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
1999     Provocative Things, Sculpture Square, Singapore
1999     Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
1999     Exhibition Move, Plastique Kinetic Worms; Singapore
1998     Exhibition 6x6x6, Plastique Kinetic Worms; Singapore
1998     Painting of the Year Exhibition, UOB Tower; Singapore
1997     Singapore Art, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall, Singapore
1996     Modern Art Society Exhibition; Orchard Point Exhibition Hall, Singapore
1996     Exhibition at Changi International Airport; Singapore
1995     Singapore Art Society Exhibition; Riverwalk Galleria, Singapore
1995     Art & Business, Takashimaya Art Gallery; Singapore
1995     Philippe Charriol Art Exhibition; Singapore International Exhibition & Convention Center, Singapore
1994     Painting of the Year Exhibition; Empress Place Museum; Singapore
1994     Philip Morris Asean Art Awards; Takashimaya Art Gallery; Singapore
1993     Painting of the Year Exhibition; SIA-La Salle College of the Arts; Singapore
1992     Shave at Chesil; Chesil Gallery; Dorset; England
1992     International Artists' Workshop; Studio Exhibition; Shave Farm; Sommerset; England
1992     Couleurs Magiques, Grand Prix de Paris 'd Arts Plastiques; Chapelle de la Sorbonne; Paris; France
1992     Aware; Bank of Ireland Exhibition Hall; Dublin; Ireland
1991     The Sin of Apathy, installation, Sculpture in Singapore; National Museum Art Gallery; Singapore
1991     Painting of the Year Exhibition; National Museum Art Gallery; Singapore

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2006     Hitwise Online Performance Award: is rated number 1 in Singapore Art domain.
2000     Telok Kurau Studio Grant, National Arts Council, Ministry of Information and the Arts
1999     Young Artist Award, National Arts Council, Ministry of Information and the Arts
1999     Painting of the Year Competition, High Commendation for 'Internet'
1998     Painting of the Year Competition, High Commendation for 'Fovea'
1998     National Arts Council Nominee for International Visual Artist's Unesco-Aschberg Bursary.
1997     National Arts Council Project Grant Award
1995     Dr Tan Tze Chor Art Award, For 'Woods & Cacophony'
1995     Philippe Charriol Art Competition, Finalist for 'Frontier'
1994     Philip Morris Asean Art Awards, Honourable Mention for 'The Source'
1994     Philip Morris Asean Art Awards, Honourable Mention for 'Motherboard'
1994     National Arts Council Project Grant Award
1994     Painting of the Year Competition, High Commendation for 'Falling Water'
1993     Painting of the Year Competition, Triple High Commendation for 'Zen', 'The Autumn Dreams of Spring' & 'Maelstrom'
1992     Singapore International Foundation Grant Award
1992     Couleurs Magiques Art Award for 'Eye of the Hurricane'
1991     Painting of the Year Competition High Commendation for 'God Created'

2005             Youth Challenge Graffiti Art Judging Panel
2005             CDL Singapore Sculpture Award Judging Panel
2005             Established non-profit Forum for the Arts Community in Singapore - FACTS
2004             Biopolis Strategic Artowrk Review Panel
2003             Koh Brothers Starville Sculpture Commission Competition Judging Panel
2003             Telok Kuraru Studios Committee
2002             JTC One-North Biopolis Art School Commission Competition Judging Panel
2002/2003    JTC One-North Biopolis Art Consultant               
2002             URA Conservation Old World Charm Feedback Group
2001/2002    Nokia Singapore Art Steering Committee      
2001             Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship Award Panel         
2001/2002    Arts and Culture Feedback Group Panel
2001/2002    National Arts Council External Assessor
2000-2005    National Arts Council Arts Resource Panel
1997-2005    Establishes non-profit online research archive
1996-2002    Modern Art Society Committee    

Public Forum and Talks
2005    Rojak, 72-13 space, Singapore
2002    Art and Technology; One-North Resource Advisory Panel, Raffles Hotel, Singapore
2001    The Eye of the Artist; 28th December, Nokia Singapore Art series of talks, Singapore Art Museum
2001    Creativity in the Arts, Science and Technology; 24th November, inaugural National Creativity Seminar, National University of Singapore
2001    Art Dot Com Resources; 2th October; ArtSingapore series of talks, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center
2001    E-Generation: The Young Entrepreneur; 17th February, National University of Singapore
1998    The Artist's Eye; 28 Mar; Ophthalmology continuous medical education, Tan Tock Seng Hospital; Singapore

Current Publication Projects
2001     Technix ( writings on art in the age of biotechnology and informatics )
2001     The Creative Mindset  ( based on the lecture: Invoking the artist in everyman by VOICES )

2004             Attended Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Digital Media, Design Studio, Structural Engineering, Building Project, Freehand Drawing, Urbanism - full-time semester Masters credit courses.
1999             Attended Yale University. New haven, Connecticut, USA. Shop Techniques, 3D Form and Material Studies, Drawing and Representational Studies, Visual Studies, Structural Engineering, Design Studio and Architectural History Studies - full-time semester Masters credit courses.
1999             Conferred Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Hong Kong.
1999             Graduated with Master of Medicine in Ophthalmology, National University of Singapore.
1994-1995    Graduated from School of Military Medicine and Officer Cadet School, Singapore.
1988-1993    Graduated with Honors in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; BAO MB ChB, LRCPI, LRCSI.
1992             Awarded Registered Representative Certificate from UK Securities Futures Authority
1992             Awarded SIMEX Futures Trading Certificate, Singapore
1986-1987    Attended part-time Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Western Painting course, Singapore.
1956-1986    Attended Hwa Chong Junior College.
1976-1985    Attended Anglo-Chinese School.


Birth  9th March
Sex Male
Nationality Singaporean
Race Chinese
Telephone  (65) 2500 298
Handphone (65) 9875 5248
E-mail  Type drchng and followed by
Languages  English, Mandarin
Spoken Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay


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