Art vision for Biopolis
The artist has been asked to present his views on the installation of an art program at Biopolis.



Situated at the Buona Vista Science Hub, The Biopolis is a science park providing space for laboratory-based Research & Development activities tailored to Biomedical Sciences companies.

The Hub will feature modern conference and business support facilities.

Proximity enhances interaction and exchange of ideas between academic research and commercial activities.

Biopolis will be equipped with third party supporting services, such as incubators for young companies.

To seed the growth of The Biopolis, core elements of the Biomedical Research Council, the Bioinformatics Institute and the Genome Institute of Singapore, will be located at The Biopolis. These institutions will form strong interactions with companies located in the Hub and will foster new ideas and knowledge, as well as a vibrant research community.


To site leading-edge provocative and engaging artworks interiorly and exteriorly to provide a vibrant, experimental environment conducive to creative and bold thinking.

To provide an artistic navigational journey on traveling between the buildings and the “Village” of Biopolis.
To create works that combine art and science to compliment the visual language and culture of The Biopolis, and to emphasize artistic qualities as integral to the creative process in scientific invention.