Modern Art Society

Modern Art Society was founded to concentrate the talents, intermix the ideas, and amplify the energies
of its member artists in Singapore. Modern Art Society provides the members

an avenue for social cohesion, and a forum for discussion. Consisting of 50 members, the society

aims to be a social santuary for artists in Singapore.

Modern Art Society, as it is named, is one of the oldest existing art instituions in Singapore.
In the post-modern artworld, the Modern Art Society has found its name nostalgic of

earlier times, when its founding artists made headway in the introduction of new techniques

of artmaking, and new contexts to showcase. Modern Art Society is a organization that seeks

sincerity in art-making as the tenet for membership, and the myraid of styles of the member artists

are acknowledged and respected on this basis. Modern Art Society seeks to contribute to the local arts

scene by involvement in Singapore and Asian art shows. The society is actively looking to recruit

young members who are bold and energetic in their artmaking and aspirations.