7 x i

An exhibition by a group of friends who are all recent London graduates. Initially conceived through an introspection of (our)self/selves, the work presented will be an eclectic range of 7 individual perspectives trying to make sense of what 'i' really, is.

@ The Substation gallery
admission free

Show dates:

Part 1)

23rd Nov- 30 Nov

The work of Hew Soo Hun, Felicia Low, Dorathy Lye and Ong Hui Har will be featured this week.

Sculptures, Installations Paintings

Do come for the opening night on the 26th of Nov, Friday 7pm. A seminar where artists will talk about their work will take place on the 30th of Nov, 7.30 pm in the gallery.

Part 2)
19th dec-23rd Dec

Wilkie Tan, Luanne Tay and Wong Seet Fun take over the show with photographs and the media.

The opening will be held on Sunday, 19th Dec, 7pm.
A seminar will also take place on the 23rd of Dec, 7.30pm, in the gallery.