Different Strokes
Finelines & E-ART-H WORKS Pte Ltd
Finelines is a group of six accomplished artists spanning three generations, who meet weekly at Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts to practice drawing. Choy Weng Yang, Loh Khee Yew, Michael Ong, Francis St Clair Mackenzie, Ravi Shail, and James Holdsworth hail from Singapore, Australia, India and the UK, respectively. They present black and white drawings that explore and record the process of drawing.
1324 Dec at ARTrium@MITA Building.



Inaugurated on 12 December 2002 at the Ministry of Information and The Arts Building and opened by Dr Brian Howard, President of the LaSalle-SIA College of Art, the show was opened to applause and many a compliments. Featuring the work of Singaporean, British and Australian artists such as Choy Weng Yang, Frank MacKenzie, James Holdsworth, Loh Khee Yew, Michael Ong and Ravi Shail. Turbo Print is very proud to have supported the show. We continue to wish the artists the best and to keep inspiring us with their beautiful works of spontaneity, sensuality and pure energy.

To view their works or organise a similar showcase of your own, please call Ms Chiharu Kuwajima of E-ART-H Works Pte Ltd at 6554 1755. More information can also be found on