10th-14th April 2006

Site-specific Performance Art Event

Following the footsteps of a highly critical work by Tang Da Wu entitled Tiger’s Whip, which sees the artist holding court with a crowd of curious onlookers and unassuming passers bys in the busy street in Chinatown and performing with his installation, highlighting the issue of a controversial traditional medicine. FETTER FIELD hopes to produce a series of performance art works dealing with public space/alternative sites with the possibility of creating site-specific works.

“FETTER literally means a chain, a shackle for the ankles, a bond or anything that confines or restrains; a restraint and FIELD means an enclosed area of open ground esp. for pasture or cultivation.”

This event hopes to showcase the performance art practice of Singapore and Singapore base artists. Since the lifting of a ban on public funding of Performance Art in Singapore in 2003, we have seen the success of the International Performance Art Event: Future Of Imagination (FOI) in 2003 and 2004. FETTER FIELD was inspired by FOI but differs in its aims to become its localized counterpart.

While FOI invited well-known practitioners from all over the world, who have years of experience and exposure in this form of art, FETTER FIELD have chosen 10 young Singapore and Singapore based Artists who have shown great enthusiasm and energy in this field, having showcased previously in other group exhibitions or during their studies at local art colleges.

FETTER FIELD aims to be a platform for exposing and nurturing upcoming practitioners alongside the well-known and experienced artists. FETTER FIELD is also a public art event. This event aims to contribute alongside the many public art events and public art that is being produced in Singapore.

Artistic Directors
Jeremy Hiah & Lina Adam

Assistant Artistic Directors

Natasha Wei & Muhd Harezam

Agnes Yit
Chua Chin Chin
Cheng Guang Feng
Isabelle Park
Jeremy Hiah
Krist Quck

Natasha Wei & Juliana Yasin

Sabrina Koh

Lina Adam