Zhuang Shengtao

december 2003

contemporary chinese art exhibition series
contemporary ink paintings by zhuang shengtao and deng daping
中国当代艺术展 - 中国当代水墨联展 - 庄声涛 登达平
featuring contemporary chinese ink painters from ziejiang province zhuang shengtao and deng daping. a dialogue between two artists. zhuang’s autumn/lyrics series capture the essence of time and space while deng’s works explore deeply into the subtleties of the nature. both artists works are inspired by the mother nature.

Recent Works
30 works executed between
contemporary lyric series

Zhuang's lyric series begun in 1985
when he first exhibited them at the
Singapore National Museum art gallery.
Soon his works developed into a more vibrant
and bolder brush stokes, a fusion of
his ink painting and calligraphy

Autumn Poems: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Inks
by Zhuang Shengtao

Price: US$14.97 (S$25.00*)
Region: China
Format: Paperback, 52 pages
Published: 1994, Singapore ISBN: 9810059450
SB#: 017971

About This Book
Catalogue of the Shenn Gallery's 1994 exhibition of the contemporary Chinese ink work of Zhuang Shengtao (b.1944) whose life has been spent in China, Singapore and the USA.



Volume 5 Number 6 November/December 1995

Singapore - Songs From Nature: Zhuang Shengtao - Ian Findlay