zack aka lilpinkdevil
Diploma in Visual Communication, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Select Group Art Exhibitions
Txtrapolis, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery 3, Singapore
- selected speaker for artistsí talk
Trexi Launch II, Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore
Street Tease, Bugis Street, Singapore
- collaboration with local motion graphics collective, Reelloco (opening)
I Love Beer Matts, Marrs Barr, Spain
Seni, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
- live painting performance (opening)
- artistsí intervention (exhibition)
- street art workshops for students
Select Entry & Award
Nominated, Young Designer Award, Singapore
3rd Prize, Batallion Safety Poster Design Competition, Singapore
Work Experiences
Freelance Graphic Artist for C2 Design, Fork Concept, Holistic Living,
Media Development Authority, Singapore Discovery Centre, Splash Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Commisioned Mural Painting for Canon Television Advertisement, SAE
Zouk DJ Competition, Zouk Fresh, Kreative Hub, National Youth Council Skate Park,
Giraffe Cafe, Chiangmai Palace Thai Restaurant
Graphic Artist/Illustrator for Lancer Design Pte Ltd
- secured a contract/pitch for almost half a million dollars with A*Star,
art directed and executed 6 issues of the newsletter
- art directed and illustrated Little Red Dot, a children storybook for NEXUS (mindef),
complimented by Prime Minister BG Lee Hsien Loong
- clients include National Environment Agency (NEA), Ministry of Community Development,
youth & sports (MCYS), CapitaLand, Imigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)
South East Community Development Centre (SECDC), Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB),
National University of Singapore (NUS)

Props Artist for PDI Pte Ltd
- Millenium Swing Party, Singapore
Public Presentations
Artistsí Talk/Txtrapolis, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery 3, Singapore
Artistís talk/Colours, Nanyang Primary Schools, Singapore
Artistís talk/Little Red Dot, spoken to students of:
- Fairfield Methodist Primary School, Singapore
- Nan Hua Primary School, Singapore
- West Grove Primary School, Singapore
- North View Primary School, Singapore
- Admiralty Primary School, Singapore
Other Professional Activities
Guest Artist, Singapore Street Festival
Conducted Silkscreen Workshop, National History Museum, Singapore
Conducted Street Art Workshop, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Judge, Childrenís Drawing Competition, Popular Bookstore, Singapore
Select Print/Online Coverage
Playtimes Magazine, Issue 11, Singapore
Playtimes Magazine, Issue 05, Singapore
Juice Magazine, May Issue, Singapore
Compendium, Designer Stylebook, Switzerland
Filtered Magazine, Issue 01, United Kingdom (online)
Phirebrush Magazine, Issue 33, United States (online)
Phirebrush Magazine, Issue 26, United States (online)
Draw A T-Shirt Project,, Singapore (online)
Interview,, Singapore (online)
SECDC Contact Magazine, Issue 62, Singapore
Popadelic (selected cover), Urban Collective, Australia (online)
Select Broadcast Coverage
Belinda Lee, ďStreet Arts,Ē Heart & Soul, Channel U, Mediacorp Singapore
Marilyn Lee, ďTxtrapolis,Ē Pop Art, WKRZ FM 100.3, Singapore

During my 3-year stint in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Iíve always love to draw characters and cartoons. I would exaggerate
every form Iíd see. I would ape the style of my favourite artists just to get the renderings or the form right. I have to admit, I am
not a born -artist and I donít have that natural talent to illustrate. But I climb my way up, practice hard, observe more, learn and
keep following my passion. Well thereís another setback I would like to highlight. I canít really express myself through writing.
Iím so bad at it. Thatís where my visuals play a part. I canít write love-letters for nuts, instead Iíll draw her hearts, flowers or her
potrait on paper just to let her comprehend. Being visually-driven does not mean Iíll remain stagnant. However, currently, I would
make a point to open up the thesaurus to check every vocabulary I donít understand and Iíll ask around for advice and tips on
good writing or I would say the Ďart of writingí. I think itíll be beneficial in the long run.
Being so immersed in character drawing, I have decided that itís about time for me to create
one, MY OWN. One that would represent myself, passion, influences and life. Thatís where
the tag and character comes in, LilPinkDevil(LPD). Why LPD? Thatís the first question in
peoplesí mind. Why pink? Are you gay? I got that often. And thereís even someone telling
me to change the name as it might obstruct my path to giving workshops at schools or
government sectors. Bottom line, Iíll still stand by this tag.
LPD is a personal reflection which I have projected onto a character. I live in a balanced
world where everything weighs evenly. The notion of the creation is to have a balance outlook.
So that the people and public would have a balance feel of the visual. Balance between good
and evil, bright and dark. For example, LPD have features of the devil such as horns and
fangs but the additional butterfly wings, magic wand and smirk just balanced the whole
form. LPD will also act as a visual of communication to be expose just anywhere, on different
surfaces and on the streets. And my perception of the colour PINK, its obviously my favourite
color. It attracts. It arrests oneís attention and it provokes. Just to stand up from the controversy,
Pink is for Passion.
ďTo be bold and creative, you have to be above the rest and you donít follow the crowd. Therefore from my perspective, creativity
evolves from spontaneity and sincerity.
It starts from the heart, cos thatís where your passion lies. It then elevates to your brain and thatís where you digest and conceptualise
your idea. Lastly, it projects to your muscle, hand or your tools which eventually projects on any surfaces desired. Be it papers,
canvases, walls...etc. Thatís where you can see the art or idea created. I live with this cycle...Ē
These couple of years, Iíve been experimenting, projecting my art on different surfaces and trying different mediums as I donít
believe in being stagnant. I want my LPD, my art to be ever-evolving. I want to push my art beyond and stretch myself further.
Being in the design industry for almost 3 years, it helped me in creating and marketing my art. Absorbing what I have learnt in
the corporate world and releasing it to my art or vice-versa, Iíve seen the aftermath as I managed to penetrate the corporate world
with my art. Thereís LPD signatures appeared in newsletters and prints for government sectors such as A*Star, National Environment
Agency (NEA), Nexus (MINDEF) and Media Development Authority (MDA). Therefore, that kind of fulfilled my aim of bridging
the gap between my art and the corporate world.
Generally, from the visuals I created, the stickers I pasted and all those live paintings performed, I just want the public and people
to understand my character and thatís the main emphasis. Be it in the public or gallery. I want the public to understand LPD. The
form is all about balance. Itís about balancing good and evil. Thereís kindness behind that darkness. Itís all about having a balanced
life. ĎA little bit of this and a little bit of that.í After all we arenít that perfect after all. Personally, Iíll have a sense of satisfaction
if LPD, having this Ďbalance theoryí affect or infect the peoplesí hearts and minds.
The urge of painting any surfaces or found objects. This is another practice I would like to promote. Merely beautifying objects
for the people and public to appreciate.