Yuen Chee Wai


Yuen Chee Wai collects information. He was also the print and web designer for TheatreWorks and has ever since moved on to pursue his interest in other fields. The multi-disciplinary individual's interests lie in areas of cultural studies, philosophy, sound and visual art, and he sometimes feels displaced with his economics degree from the local university. The self-confessed Japanophile is busily acquiring additional linguistic skills to converse with his favourite visual rock bands and experimental/avant-garde musicians from Japan. He is currently in the process of gathering material for a noise/ambient/minimal glitch/field recording release and design/photographic exhibition. As a laptop experimental sound artist, he recently released a duo improvisational album with George Chua, recorded live at Strategies, The Substation. He has previously contributed sonically to Spell#7's Last Night in Sin (2001). Still an active designer and photographer at heart, he gets by with living by dredging through tonnes of design and photography work.

He was a participant of the Wire-Crossing - 24 hours in Central Singapore web show.