He was born in China. Currently, he practices in Singapore. When he was a child, his family was impoverished during the revolution but the hardships he experienced did not deter him from pursuing a career in art. Instead, he regarded the hardships as a motivational force that fortified his determination. Mo Lin trained in Chinese painting under a noted contemporary artist, Mr. Wu Jing Ding. He assiduously learned and excelled in the traditional techniques of Chinese scenery; paintings including those that dated back to the Tang and Song Dynasties. This training laid a firm foundation for Mo Lin's artistic skills. Mo Lin furthered his studies in Japan at the prime of his life. While there, he achieved greater artistic vision under the guidance of many noted traditional and contemporary artists. He has since developed a unique and well-received style of his own. In his younger days, Mo Lin also acquired the skills of stone carving and the carving of seals from the eminent Chinese carver, Jin Yu Min. Mo Lin has since developed into a highly accomplished carver and collectors eagerly seek his works. His skilful blending and harmonising of the arts of painting, calligraphy and seal carving in his paintings is a testimony to Mo Lin's wide ranging skills.