Wong Miau Yong

Born 1951 Malaysia


Cosmic Fantasy

During his 30 years of devotion to the Art World, contemporary Artist Wong Miau Yong has never ceased to seek for breakthroughs in his Art Works in order to unfold a new horizon to his journey of creativity. He abandons certain traditional concepts, using his unique ideas and brushsrokes to paint Majestic Universe, Magnificent Cosmos and images with vitality and dynamics.

Wong Miau Yong is an Artist with social conscience. His art provokes environmental awareness. He uses modern skills, combines with vivid colors to establish a stile of his own that conveys this environmental message. In his quest to explore the mysteries of this planet, he adventured through volcano craters, inspired through cinders and gases. Immersed himself in nature, of ocean waves and stream flows, of rocks and mountains, sands and stones, of boundless sky and flash of comet, which gives rise to his infinite creation of Artworks with power, emotion and philosophy.

Personal History
Wong Miau Yong was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1951. He graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1972. In the attempt to achieve a higher level of attainment in Fine Arts, he made a study tour of Europe in 1982.

Besides painting, he also experiments on technique and color combinations, using different media from acrylic to oil based to mixed media in his work. He has devoted his life to art this far, and this passion, will never cease.

Source - Artist website 2005.


30 October 1992
An Exhibition by Malaysian artist Wong Miau Yong
Jointly organized with The Singapore Modern Art Society
Officiated by Ong Kim Seng.


A showcase of diversity and style


When an art gallery hosts a group of talented artists in a single exhibition, it gives art lovers of diverse tastes an opportunity to find in one venue paintings of their choice.

Until Nov 19 2005, Metro Fine Art is hosting 14 established artists showcasing unique styles and composition.

The exhibition, entitled Too Much Flavour Avant-garde, is a splash of imagination on canvas with contemporary abstract pieces, impressionist-style paintings and works of realism.

Artists include Zaharuddin Sarbini, Wong Jong Nong, Tang Ying Min (Zi Yin), Yeoh Kian Thai, Leow Seok Loo, Cheah Ewe Hoon, Chow Chin Chuan, Harris Ribut, Rohaizad Shaari and
Wong Miau Yong.

The art gallery is located at the ground floor of Legend Hotel Kuala Lumpur.


Spicing up art with variety

Variety is the spice of life. If variety in artistic styles is what you’re looking for Metro Fine Art is just the place for you. It is holding an exhibition entitled "Too Much Flavour Avant-garde" from Friday till Nov 19.

The exhibition features more than 45 pieces of paintings by 14 established artists whose styles range from landscape realism to contemporary abstract expressionism.

They are Cheah Ewe Hoon, Chow Chin Chuan, Harris Ribut, Lim Ah Cheng, Rohaizad Shaari, Soon Lai Wai, Tang Hong Lee,
Wong Miau Yong, Yeoh Kian Thai, Tang Ying Min, Wong Jong Nong, Zainal Abidin Musa, Zaharuddin Sarbini and Low Seok Loo.

The works are specially selected to offer great taste and a variety of choices for collectors who are just starting out as well as for avid collectors and art lovers who want to add something new to their collection.


Intuition - 3 Stories

Elle Six Art Gallery presents works by Tew Nai Tong, Wong Miau Yong and Pheh It Hao in a group exhibition entitled "Intuition - 3 Stories" which runs from 14th October till 28th October 2004.
A storyteller relates stories of folklores within a society, whereas an artist expresses his stories thru art. An artist sees beyond his surroundings, outer appearances and seeks fascinating stories within individuals and the environment. We all have stories to tell and at times we focus too much trying to express ourselves with words. Hence, we forget that our movement, postures and expressions are telling their own stories. Paintings are non-verbal communication. It speaks of society's movements and expressions. Three artists from different generations; but with the same non-conformist attitude towards art, set about capturing the essence and emotions based on their instincts for viewers.

Date & Time:
Oct 14 - 28, 2004 (Visiting hours:10 am - 7 pm, Mon - Fri, 10 am - 3 pm(Sat). By appointment(Sun). Closed on Public Holidays)
Elle Six
73-1, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan Setiabakti, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm, Sat: 10am-3pm
Admission is free