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An Inward Dialogue


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Willy Tay Solo Exhibiton
An Inward Dialogue
28 Oct - 20 Nov 2005

Willy Tay’s paintings are large, with surface that demonstrate a delight in the application and layering of paint. He applied emotion on to his canvas in wispy strokes of pale color His medium is oil, applied in the most brilliant manner, layered with numerous dimensions. The painting is almost monochrome but never uniform. It is simple but it reveals much. It reveals a calm and spiritual quality, like waft of clouds or mist, distilling lights from a pool of water. In his paintings there is no summation or narration, viewer are not conform to a specific dictation for the painter instead the viewer gain accessibility from the texture, surface and tonalities of the color on the canvases. In this aspect Tay’s painting is not longer bounded by a picture but infuses with everything outside of it.

Willy Tay Solo Exhibition
New Finds 2004

15 Oct- 31 Oct 2004

1998 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT University, Melboume.
1994 Diploma in Fine Art (Painting), LaSalle SIA College of the Arts

Artist Statement
"Landscape+" acts as a metaphor for carrying the will of inward
looking and feel. It aims to explore the spiritual sense of hope
in the our daily journey.


Fable of the Pelican

selected works by Willy Tay and Sia Joo Hiang

Opening Function
14 Nov, Thursday, 7pm

Private Preview Night Function

13 Nov, Wednesday, 7 - 10pm

Kindly RSVP by replying this mail

Exhibition continues from

13 - 30 Nov 2002

Fable of the Pelican

"In Alchemical literature, the pelican is a symbolic animal, said to bring its dead young back to life with its own blood."

Do we forget " Storytelling" once we grow up?

Do we think that symbols are too conventional a way of presenting myths?

Or that alchemy exist only in the old books?

Sia Joo Hiang and Willy Tay certainly do not believe so.

Do come down to experience it, from now on, the pelican of this fable will fly.

Supported by :

National Arts Council
Lee Foundation

Special Thanks to :

Pui Lin, Tamares Goh, Gunalan Nadarajan, Jane Lim, Milenko Prvacki and Jose Tay