Vanessa Chang is finally fulfilling her dream of being an artist at the age of 30, when she realizes that life is so short and precious that she wants to put every experience down on paper. Now colours are filling her life as well as her drawings that bear unique experiences and growth with time. Her creative process starts with the love for nature and the simplicity of life itself. She feels that most things have beauty and emotional significance and therefore strives to capture and perfect the realism of her work, in order to evoke warm and pleasant memories.

Source: Artomato : Jennifer Teo


Best of Singapore Art is a mobile project that features artworks, made-in-Singapore and made-by-Singapore, which their creators considered the best they had created in 2004.
This project explores the different ways of displaying, promoting and selling Singapore art.

Presenting artists:
Jacklyn Soo,Vanessa Chang, Rainer Geburzyk, Lara Pang, Soraya Safdar, Tang Ling Nah, Justin Lee, Lim Kok Boon, Lim Shing Ee, David Teo, Urich Lau, Ye Ruoshi, Michael Lee, Dominique Hui, Janice Chin, Terence Lin, Cheong Kah Kit, Wang Yuxian, Diana, Aleksandar Obradovic, Lee Sze-Chin & Lim Kok Boon, Sherman Ong, Teo Hwee Lee Debbie, Joshua Yang, Ezzam Rahman, Haslinda Rahman and Miguel Chew