The great singapore rock 'n' roll circus
by Lounge Lizard at http://www.agingyouth.com

An excerpt

IIt would not be farfetched to say that a Tiramisu show is a unique experience unto its own. You would be hard-pressed to find performers who fuse performance arts into their rockíníroll. Big wigs, balloons, moonwalking and a stripped down garage punk style are what you get at each Tiramisu performance...

Fronted by Rizman Putra, the band is made of Jeremy Sharma (guitars/vocals),
Keith Su (guitars/vocals), Lan (bass) and Rudy (sampler). Anhar from ska band, Cesspit has taken over drums from predecessor, Aaron...

I understand that Aaron, Jeremy and Rizman are part of the multi-disciplinary arts collective, Kill Your Television (KYTV). It has always seemed to me a Tiramisu gig is akin to a display of performance arts. Is that intentional? How much of KYTV seeps into your Tiramisu work?

Rizman: Tiramisu came way before KYTV was born. That was back in 1997, the beginning of our art college days. We went into hiatus for about a year since most of us were in the army. That was when Aaron, Jeremy and I decided to form a multi-disciplinary art collective that explore different kinds of medium. Naturally, we wanted to live the music that we were playing, so we decided to integrate our art practices into the band. Well, I guess it is more natural that intentional.

At first, it was like a joint venture between Tiramisu and KYTV, but it didnít work out due to a lot of indifferences. I would say Tiramisu has the similar transgression of performance art; we rely a lot on chance and spontaneity during our live sets. Some people think it is some gimmicky ploy, but I believe what we are doing is just bringing the idea of live art and music closer to the audience.