Tay Chee Toh

Tay Chee Toh Presents: Body Lines -- Sculpture & Painting Exhibition
by Tay Chee Toh

Price: US$17.37 (S$29.00*)
Region: Singapore
Format: Paperback, 63 pages
Published: 2001, Singapore ISBN:
SB#: 031708

About This Book
This introduction to the varied oevre of Singaporean artist Tay Chee Toh was published to accompany the 2001 exhibition of his work. The exhibits illustrated include examples of recent sculptures in stainless steel, works in plastic, mobiles, paintings in three dimensional medium, batiks and acrylic work on canvas.

Excerpt from National Museum Art Gallery, Art Competitions, New Innovations by Kwok Kian Chow

A new competition series which emerged as the salon of the 1980s was the United Overseas Bank Group's Painting of the Year competition. Its attractive cash prizes drew a very good response from artists working in an increasingly event- and media-orientated arts culture. The competition was also timely in that it enabled the art market to raise art appreciation standards, since the art industry had to be promoted through its hierarchy of outstanding artists. The comprehensive approach of the National Day Art Exhibition series did not do this. In the initial years of the competition, artists like Goh Berg Kwan, Anthony Poon, Thomas Yeo, Teo Eng Seng and Tay Chee Toh won the top prizes.

In 1979, the Cultural Medallion was instituted by the Ministry of Culture to give recognition to individuals who had attained artistic excellence. Visual artists who have received the award are Wee Berg Chong (1979), Lee Hock Moh (1981), Ng Eng Teng (1981), Georgette Chen (1982), Thomas Yeo (1984), Tay Chee Toh (1985), Pan Shou (1986), Teo Eng Seng (1986), Tan Swie Hian (1987), Iskandar Jalil (1988), Goh Beng Kwan (1989), Anthony Poon (1990), Ong Kim Seng (1990), Wong Sui Pick (1992) and Han Sai Por (1995).