Following the Modern Art exhibition of 1963 by Ho Ho Ying, Jolinda Goh, Tan Yee Hong, Ng Yat Chuan, Tay Chee Toh, Wee Beng Chong and Tong Siang Eng, the artists formed the Modem Art Society in 1964. The Society's emphasis and direction were clearly articulated in its catalogue:

Let us have a look at our era.,. Realism has passed its golden age; Impressionism has done its duty, Fauvism and Cubism are declining. Something new must turn up to succeed the unfinished task left by our predecessors. Any attempt to recover past glory shall be in vain, because history will not repeat... Art, like all things in the world, is ever changing, and we are trying to catch up with the change. ["Preface"]

In the following year, five new members - Sim Pang Liang, Tan Ping Chiang, Han Kuan Cheng, Loo Pook Chiang and Swee Khim Ann - participated in the Society's exhibition.

Source: Kwok Kian Chow