Tan Tsze Chor


Dr Tan Tsze Chor’s Chinese Paintings

You probably remember him from history books as the Pepper King who made his first million after the Second World War through pepper trading. But did you know that Tan was a self-taught artist who was not only well versed in Chinese painting and calligraphy, but was also an enthusiastic art collector? This exhibition, a preview into the connoisseurship of one of Singapore’s leading collectors of Chinese art, will showcase some of the pieces Tan hoarded over the years. You’ll get to view 25 classical and modern Chinese paintings produced in the 19th and 20th centuries by six renowned Chinese masters - Ren Bonian, Xu Beihong, Pu Ru, Zhao Shao’ang, Qi Baishi and Huang Binhong. See the paintings at the Asian Civilisations Museum (39 Armenian St, Tel: 6332 3284).