Singapore, October 29, 2004

Common day waste such as paper plates, old metal keys, wood planks, tree bark, tin cans, plastic and steel get a new breath of life at Singapore Zoo.

To celebrate Clean and Green Week, a Karang Guni Art Exhibition will be held at the Singapore Zoo entrance from November 1 to January 31, 2005. It will feature a total of 30 installation pieces and sculptures made from recycled materials such as plastic, PVC materials, wood, glass and steel.

“Through this exhibition, I hope to educate our locals and tourists on the importance of caring for our environment. Although waste has limited value, we can recycle them into art pieces which are aesthetically pleasing to the senses,” said Mr Sim Lian Huat, a sculptor and member of Le Salon, Societes des Artiste Francais.

Measuring between 1 metre and 3 metres in height, the exhibits are done by Mr Sim, a local artist who has been awarded numerous public sculpture commissions. Collected and created over a five-year period, the pieces are available for sale. Forty per cent of the proceeds will go to the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Details of Art Exhibition
Title : Karang Guni Art Exhibition
Date : November 1, 2004 to January 31, 2005
Venue : Entrance to Singapore Zoo
Time : 8.30am – 6.00pm
Tel : 6269 3411

ISSUED By Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Singapore at the Crossroads, 1986
PSA Building, Alexandra Rd
Port of Singapore Authority

The sculpture is fabricated from brass plates. It is crossed at the centre to symbolise Singapore's strategic position at the crossroads of world shipping. Its shape is inspired by ancient Chinese junks which plied in this region and reflects Singapore's long maritime history and the port's contribution to Singapore's development