Sia Joo Hiang



Fable of the Pelican

Art Motion, Singapore

Fable of the Pelican

selected works by Willy Tay and Sia Joo Hiang

Opening Function
14 Nov, Thursday, 7pm

Private Preview Night Function

13 Nov, Wednesday, 7 - 10pm

Kindly RSVP by replying this mail

Exhibition continues from

13 - 30 Nov 2002

Fable of the Pelican

"In Alchemical literature, the pelican is a symbolic animal, said to bring its dead young back to life with its own blood."

Do we forget " Storytelling" once we grow up?

Do we think that symbols are too conventional a way of presenting myths?

Or that alchemy exist only in the old books?

Sia Joo Hiang and Willy Tay certainly do not believe so.

Do come down to experience it, from now on, the pelican of this fable will fly.

Supported by :

National Arts Council
Lee Foundation

Special Thanks to :

Pui Lin, Tamares Goh, Gunalan Nadarajan, Jane Lim, Milenko Prvacki and Jose Tay.



Earl Lu Art Gallery, Singapore

Ambulations: an exhibition of contemporary works based on the notion of walking
Nadarajan, Gunalan (curator)

Exhibition of title name at Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore, 1999-2000. Artists include: Baet Yeok Kuan; S. Chandrasekaran; Chua Ek Kay; Rhett D«Costa; Tamares Goh; Amanda Heng; Salleh B. Japar; Vincent Leow; Claire Lim Sheau Shih; Lim Shing Ee; Richard Long; John Low; Milenko Prvacki; Sanjot Kaur Sekhon; Sia Joo Hiang; Ian Woo; Ye Shu Fang; Terence Hok San Yeung.

Singapore: Nokia Singapore Art 1999, 1999. 125 p.: col. ill.; 20 cm..

Shelf Mark: 592.3 AMB

Notes: Includes: Artists« Biographies.

Format: Book

Type: Exhibition Catalogues


Third Series of Artists Investigating Monuments, Singapore

AIM is an artists initiative public art project that involves members of
The Artists Village and individual local and overseas artists. The first
event will be followed up with 2 more events at public sites and later on
an exhibition of art documentation.
The public art event of Artists Investigating Monuments (AIM) will be staged
at The Raffles Landing Site (this site is next to Empress Place Building
facing Singapore River) on the 22 July 2000, Saturday.

AIM Organising Committee.
contact address:
C/O: Kai aka Lam Hoi Lit,
Block 101, Pasir Ris Street 12,
# 12 - 31, Singapore 510101.
Tel: 65 - 585 6429

Installation Art and Art Performances by local artists

on 22 July 2000 at The Raffles Landing Site.

6 PM Art Performances.

Poetry and prose by Sia Joo Hiang.


Grey Area Art Space

30 September - 10 October 1999
curated by Scott Mitchell
Lee Angius, Nadia Angelini, Chris Arnold, Elizabeth Boyce, Esther Buder, Jon Butt, Trish Callan, Graeme Coul, Phoebe Dougall, Fred and Jeremy Droga, Fiona Edwards, Emilie Goossene, Bianca Hester, Lucille Hughes, Vanessa Hutchinson, Suzi Jacmenovic, Lim Tzay Chuen, Ian Mason, Scott Matthews, Jenny Mehan, Glenn Mitchell, Lucy Pedlar, Raymond RAS, Sia Joo Hiang, Lara Stanovic, Fleur Summers, Sally Tulloch, Petra Vlasman, John Waller, Trevor Waugh, Jason Workman