Rutherford Chang


WORMS FEST 6 R(A): Rated Artistic
28 October - 18 November 2004

curated by Dana Lam coordinated by Laura Soon

OPENING NIGHT It’s raining popcorn at PKW!

28 October (Thurs) 2004
6.30 p.m.

Plastique Kinetic Worms, 61/63Kerbau Road.

I About the Festival Artists take on cinema in this festival of new works; exploding the aesthetics, structure and consumption of cinema in ways which turn the cinema, as we know it, on its head.

In keeping with PKW’’s agenda for creating new ways of looking, the 6th Worms Festival is proud to bring to its platform a few all consuming, and consumed, individuals – the young contemporary artist, the mature film critic, the experimental film-maker.

Watch popular cinema idol, Andy Lau, relives death after death in Forever Andy, a work by newly returned young artist, Emily Chua and her collaborator, Rutherford Chang.

In Ono, Watch Your Step, another ‘returnee’, Frankie Ng Tze Wei, empowers audiences to change the film’s narrative by simply moving within a grid-poem by Lenon’s famed widow, the international artist, Yoko Ono.

The film critic, Ben Slater makes his debut as film-critic-turned-film-maker-without-making-a-film in this festival with Interior. Room. Night, a work about the all consuming effects of film and cinema.

The festival is also pleased to introduce a trio of fresh graduates from the homeground of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, who make up the group, Vertical Submarine, who gets you watching you watching In the Movie.

In Ananatural Pop In Extravaganza, artist and art director, Ana Prvacki, further indulge audiences in the real time physicality and smell of exploding popcorn.

Indulge in the R(A) experience.

II The Artists Ana Prvacki, Emily Chua, Rutherford Chang, Ben Slater, Frankie Ng Tze Wei and Vertical Submarine

III About the Works The festival is proud to be host to the following courageous new works

Installation Dimensions variable Ana Prvacki

Popcorn and blue skies. Experience the unrestrained physicality of exploding pop corn. Indulge your senses and yes, you can eat it.

Ana Prvacki is an artist/art director. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute (Brooklyn) and is currently at LASALLESIA College of the Arts doing a Masters in Visual Arts. Ana has most recently launched her own company, Ananatural Productions.

Selected exhibitions include Random Gallery (Paris), Earl Lu Gallery (Singapore), H2O Gallery (Barcelona) and Roebling Hall (Brooklyn).

Andy Forever
Video 25 min Emily Chua & Rutherford Chang

Andy Forever is a video comprising every death scene in the history of Andy Lau’s acting career, arranged chronologically according to the year of the film release, and played on continuous loop. Trapping the actor in an unending cycle of death after bloody death, Andy Forever makes a pun of the die-hard Andy-fan’s expression of eternal love, using it to refer instead to a tragic-comic one-man performance in which the movie-star is ‘immortalised’ in a monotonous loop of make-believe death and cinematic reincarnation.

Emily Chua and Rutherford Change are young artists who have seen many movies together.

Interior. Room. Night
Digital Slideshow with Voice-Over 10 min Ben Slater

A movie about movies without making a movie. Real images and fictional stories dissolve into each other. Memories of half-forgotten films on late-night TV are cut against seminal experiences in cinemas that changed everything. Out-takes, deleted scenes, snapshots, slow motion. Interior. Room. Night recounts the story of someone obsessed with cinema. Film infiltrates and influences every aspect of his life. It is not just the films themselves, but the experience of cinema – the expectation, the excitement, the disappointment, the silent wonder. He lives to watch films. He lives his life as if it were cinema.

Ben Slater is a writer, curator and producer. He is an artistic director of spell#7, a new media arts and performance group.

“ONO, Watch Your Step”
interactive video 8 min Frankie Ng Tze Wei

“A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality.”

The viewer is empowered with narrative control over this open-ended interactive video installation. Taking off from Yoko Ono’s 1964 Grapefruit, this work employs Ono’s ‘instruction pieces’, to tell the stories of two lonely urbanites coming to dream together in a world that denies dreaming. The artist’s experience of his working life is viewed through the lens of Ono’s ‘instructions’ an intertwining of viewpoints that the viewer manipulates chronologically moving through a grid-poem of Ono’s.

In the other life he leads, Frankie Ng Tze Wei is an economist with a bond to serve. Here, he is an experimental film-maker and media designer for theatre. He is thankful to friends, Adam Habib, Ong Jia Wern, Mathew Schonfield for help with this work.

In the Movie
video 30 min Vertical Submarine

A non-film video and installation about watching people watching movies, watching the screen watching themselves; about the experience of being the screen and being in the movie. It is also about what goes on outside the screen and attempts to question if it is possible to get into the industry without getting into it.

Vertical Submarine is not a multi-national company, is not white text on a white wall, is not a local food stall in a local food court… is not the end.

IV Parallel Programme

*Special screenings include a Bollywood film, courtesy of Bombay Talkies (S) Pte Ltd
*details to follow.

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