Rajinder Jit Singh


Rajinder Jit Singh is a predominantly self-taught visual artist. He is presently doing his postgraduate studies in Philosophy of Art at NUS.

Rajinder last exhibited his work in Singapore under the group exhibition titled 'Batch No. 3'. Dr Singh's has a PhD in Engineering Mathematics and an MBA from California State University. He has been sculpting, painting and making films for more than two years now. He had a recent screening of his film entitled FOA at The Substationís First Take Moving Image programme.



2004 (now)
NUS - PhD student in the Department of Philosophy on Philosophy of Art Completed first semester.
Sculpture certificate NAFA - completed 2nd semester

Completed art and photography mentorship under James Holdsworth MFA

MBA from California State University, USA

PhD in Mathematics from QUB, United Kingdom

BEng from QUB, United Kingdom



November 2004
"Batch No 3" group art exhibition, Singapore

June 2004
Participated in Singapore Art Festival's 2004 “Vision and Illusion- Reconstruction of a city” art exhibition

May 2004
“Malcolm's Chicken” group art exhibiton

Nov 2003
“Nascent : Beginning to be” art exhibition


GRIDlocked features paintings and sculptures by visual artist Dr Rajinder Jit Singh. This is Raj's first solo exhibition in Singapore. He has been working on contrasts between artificial and 'man-made' lines, forms and shapes, examining issues concerning our dichotomous worldview today. Thoughtful questions are raised through Raj's large format and strikingly colourful works which will be curated to work thematically to deliver a message of contrasts.

The way we view reality today is defective. We are handicapped by it. And there is mounting evidence that continue to illustrate the defectiveness of our worldview. But alas, much of this is ignored. We continue to divide the world between objects and subjects. We and our world. We are, in our erroneous apprehension, eternally and immutably, separated from the world around us. Science is partially responsible for this. In out attempt to make unbiased observations, we created a reality separate from ourselves. One that we can remove independently away from us and make measured observations and place them into neat formulas that try to explain everything. But science has been an incomplete master. It lacks as a guide to our lives and as the scope to our worldview.

Raj hopes to show this desperate but erroneous separation thru his paintings under the theme of GRIDlocked. Our Subject-Object paradigm of our world is our GRID. It holds us in its unerring clutches. We are GRIDlocked. The distinction between the deliberate paint drips and the clean almost artificial lines of the boxes is the telling one - the ordered measured and clinically masked in/out world of the contrasting, preplanned, preconceived tones and colours of the 10cm boxes. And the barely controlled splatter of paint leaping off the brush to make some unintelligible mark guided by some unfathomable force. Two separate worlds. Two explanations for the same. We want to make sense of what is, as the paintings depict, not quite boxable.

This is the first of several exhibitions that will deliver a strong wakeup call for the viewer to consider an alternative reality. A reality where values and probabilities and viewpoints make better sense of the world. A world that will not alienate us as much. A world which will allow art to become the evolving force of mankind.

Raj's first solo exhibition will thus take the audience through a life changing journey to another reality. It is hoped that when the audience leaves the Gallery, it will be with a renewed sense of wonder in life and our very existence.