Rainer Geburzyk

“Movement in Silence, Silence in
Movement” … this the title of a
remarkable exhibition showing work by
artists Poh Siew Wah, Rainer Geburzyk and
Khairuddin Hori to be opened on 2 June
2005 at 19:30 in the “Substation”. The
words of Goethe who described art as the
“voice of the unspeakable” apply
particularly well to this exhibition. The
guest of honour, his Excellency Andreas
Michaelis, ambassador of the Federal
Republic of Germany, will make the
welcoming address.
“Abstraction = purity + silence; silence =
spirituality”. The Singaporean painter Poh
Siew Wah has used this mysterious phrase
to try to express his creations in a tangible
form. “Must a painting be a recording of
what you see? What about the spirit and
the sub-surface of the visible? I try to go
beyond, to reach the soul.” These are
words which touch and arouse interest.
Initially, his work was influenced by more
realistic depictions of genre and
landscapes. Inspiration came from walks
around Singapore and his travels to
Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. During
the eighties and nineties he began to look
for new and more liberal ways of
expression, and was inspired by artists
such as Jackson Pollock, Hans Hofmann
and Mark Rothko. In addition to these
western influences, spirituality as the
centre point and taoist ideas and
philosophies started to play an
increasingly important role. Body and soul
should come together in his works.
My colleague Rainer Geburzyk, born
Wiesbaden in 1956, shares many thoughts
and ideas with the Singaporean painter.
When he is painting, the best moments
are those when he himself is caught up by
the effect of the colours. Spirituality plays
an important part for him too, Tai Chi
Chuan, taoist thoughts and feelings and
other far eastern influences have left their
mark on him. The beauty of the moment,
of simplicity and of the apparently banal
are at the centre of his creations.
Geburzyk, a senior art and social studies
teacher, has been head of department at
the German European School Singapore
since 1999. He will leave Singapore in the
summer and return to Frankfurt with his
family. Like Poh he loves to work with
young people particularly because
students usually show themselves to be
very open to and enthusiastic about new
ideas. Apart from his work as a teacher,
Geburzyk can look back on many
successful exhibitions. In addition to
exhibitions in Dietzenbach, Budenheim,
Wiesbaden and Hofheim, his works have
been shown in Nicaragua, Hong Kong and
Geburzyk and Poh are connected in many
ways, both as people and as artists. They
have completed many joint projects,
including with students of the German
European School. The exhibition in the
“Substation”, where Geburzyk has shown
performance art a number of times, not
least in December 2003, during a Live Art
Meeting entitled “The future of
Imagination”, provides a unique highlight
of the joint work – at the end of Geburzyk’s
time here in Singapore.
“East meets West” is rather an overused
phrase, which alludes to the special
atmosphere of the Lion City. But this
evening will be a really intensive coming
together of East and West, a meeting
which will bring the two worlds together
on an artistic as well as a philosophical
level, and which invites visitors to reflect
and meditate. As a specialist in German
Studies I could at this point quote
Hoelderlin, who 200 years ago was led to
say “learn life through art!” Poh Siew Wah
came to a similar conclusion: “Art has the
power to make people think about the
meaning of life”. Perhaps this evening will
give us the chance to find a moment of
quiet to do just that.At the exhibitions
opening ceremony guests will enjoy a
performance by the artist Khairuddin Hori,
who describes his work as “multi-
disciplinary”. He can take on many creative
roles – be it artist, designer, director,
performer or curator. Be surprised!
Bernhard Siever, Head of Communications
German European School Singapore
Movement in Silence, Silence in
Paintings by Poh Siew Wah and Rainer
The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian
Street, Singapore 179936
Opening: Thursday, June 2, 2005, 19:30
Guest of honour: His Excellency Andreas
Michaelis, Ambassador of the Federal
Republic of Germany
Performance by Khairuddin Hori
Exhibition open until 8 June, from 11:00
until 21:00

Movement in Silence – Silence in Movement
“Who sees the small has vision”, Lao-Tzu

Paintings by Rainer Geburzyk and Poh Siew Wah
You are cordially invited to the official opening  7.30 pm on Thursday, 2 June 2005
The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936
Gold - Art performance by Khairuddin Hori
Guest of honour: His Excellency Andreas Michaelis, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
Exhibition Period: 3 – 8 June, 11 am – 9 pm
Contact: The Substation – 6337 753





















Best of Singapore Art

Best of Singapore Art is a mobile project that features artworks,
made-in-Singapore and made-by-Singapore, which their creators considered the best they had created in 2004.
This project explores the different ways of displaying, promoting and selling Singapore art.

Presenting artists:
Jacklyn Soo,Vanessa Chang,
Rainer Geburzyk, Lara Pang, Soraya Safdar, Tang Ling Nah, Justin Lee, Lim Kok Boon, Lim Shing Ee, David Teo, Urich Lau, Ye Ruoshi, Michael Lee, Dominique Hui, Janice Chin, Terence Lin, Cheong Kah Kit, Wang Yuxian, Diana, Aleksandar Obradovic, Lee Sze-Chin & Lim Kok Boon, Sherman Ong, Teo Hwee Lee Debbie, Joshua Yang, Ezzam Rahman, Haslinda Rahman and Miguel Chew


The Future of Imagination

The Substation
6 December 2003

Organized by Lee Wen and Kai Lam

Performance Art practice in Singapore has been marginalized over the last 10 years due to lack of support and lack of understanding for this form and have resulted in a dispersed practice without much critical understanding and discourse for this form. Despite all this, Singapore performance artists have persistently showcased their works in many international festivals and art events with critical acclaim. Some of the artists who patiently engaged their work in this form include Tang Dawu, Amanda Heng, Jason Lim, Lee Wen as well as various new generation artists, working individually or with groups such as the Artists Village and KYTV (Kill Your Television).

With the recent announcement that the National Arts Council will now allow funding of performance art after ten years of not funding, we would like to make an affirmative response by organizing this event to celebrate, acknowledge and welcome the pro-cultural move by the National Arts Council.

We also aspire to reinvigorate a positive situation for performance art practitioners in Singapore. This event aims to significantly re-define and to kindle interests to the practice of performance art. In doing so we hope this will raise a heightened awareness and appreciation for performance art as a legitimate art form in itself.

We appeal to seek out a more leveled understanding to this art form and to positively present it as a critical art practice along with the diverse cultural arenas in visual arts, theatre, dance, music and literature. The future of imagination” makes available a platform for the meeting of performance art practice, positive reception and discussion in Singapore.


Agnes Yit
Andree Weschler
Felicia Low
Lee Sze-Chin
Jason Lim
Jeremy Hiah
Juliana Yasin
Rainer Geburzyk
Rizman Putra (aka Manic Jango)
Kai Lam (aka Lin Kai Lie)
Lee Wen

Lucy Davis
Ho Tzu-Nyen
Cheo Chai-Hiang

Mr. T.K. Sabapathy,
Director of Contemporary Asian Arts Centre (CAAC)

1pm Arrival of Guest-of-Honour and Speeches
2pm Afternoon performances begin
01) Lee Wen
+ Rizman Putra (begin durational performance)
+ Lee Sze Chin (begin durational performance)
Rainer Gerburzyk
03) Felicia Low (in the garden)
04) Andree Weschler
6pm Dinner Break
7pm Evening performances begin
06) Jeremy Hiah (in the garden)
07) Agnes Yit
08) Juliana Yasin
09) Kai Lam
10) Jason Lim
11pm End


2001- Reflections
Singaporean Artists At The German School
Curator: Rainer Geburzyk, Head of Art German School Singapore