Paul Chang


Zulkifle Mahmod (Singapore)
Vincent Leow (Singapore)
Coil Reaney (Australia)
Karee Dahl (Australia)
Miguel Chew (Singapore)
Ray Langenbach (USA)
Paul Chang (Singapore)
Rita Herbert (USA)
Milenko Prvacki ( Singapore)
Juliana Yasin (Singapore)
Zulharli Adnan (Singapore)
Laura Soon (Singapore)
Sivakumaran (Singapore)
Surasi Kusolwong (Bangkok)
Kata Sangkhae (Bangkok)
Philippe Laleu ( France)

Curated by Yvonne Lee & Paul Chang.

Project 304, in collaboration with Alliance Francaise International Art School, Bangkok and Plastique Kinetic Worms (PKW), Singapore, will organize a visual art travelling exhibitions, "ParallelWORLD". A process oriented project, ParallelWORLD attempts to exploit the possibilities and to explore the new paradigm provided by the juxtaposition of vitual and physical space. By creating scenario of having one exhibiton in two cities, inter-connected with what exist in the virtural real, therefore now the works are located ( in full or parts) in the website and in two or more different physical spaces and contexts. Each show consisted of three simontaneous art exhibitions in three different places. One of the space in Singapore; one in another city and linked by the third in cyberspace. This show will be a subsequent event between Plastique Kinetic Worms in Singapore apaces throughout the Asian and European region as followed: PARA/SITE- Hong Kong, GLASSBOX - Paris, CELESTE & ELIOT KUNSTASALON - Zurich, PROJECT 304 - Bangkok, CEMETI FOUNDATION - York Jargata.

During the period of this exhibition in Bangkok, ParallelWORLD will run simultaneously with an exhibitiion celebrated the 2nd year of existense of Plastique Kinetic Worms in Singapore. An installation in Bangkok will serve as a vehicle or conole for access to ParallelWORLD website. It will be the nerve center where one can download images from the the ParallelWORLD website and images from Bangkok.

In short, ParallelWORLD will function as virtual art space consisted of three parts; 1. Website as link; As the show moves from one event to another (each event locating at two physical spaces simultaneously), the virtual space will seve both as a link to what is happening in the two spaces as well as between one event and the next. This accumulated memories and knowledge will provide greater richness and diversity. 2. Webiste as Gallery: In this show, we plan to launch the website of PKW, which will serve as the third gallery sites for works of the artists, as well as a meeting point for various locations. 3. CD-ROM. With each event, we proposed to compile the works, through and critic to produce a CD-ROM. Such as the end of the series, the collection of CD-ROM will be a form of documentation, allowing for one to trace the development of ideas, the refinement of process, and the exploration of subject.

This exhibition is curated by Yvonne Lee and Paul Chang, of Plastique Kinetic Worms, an artists - run space in Singapore. Supported by the Alliance Francaise, Bangkok, Ambassade de France, Singapore, Eric Bunnag Booth, Toshiba (Thailand) Co. Ltd,, Singapore,, Gemkey, ANEW, Take it card and Project 304 Art Consultant Ltd. Part.

The opening reception will be on Sunday, 26 March, 2000 from 4 - 7 pm. Curator' and artists' discussion starts at 5 pm. During the exhibition, there will be a performance of artists every other week. Pls. Check the detail at Project 304 at 279 7796, 271 4076 or Alliance Francaise International Art School at 3004425.

parallelWORLD performance program
26 March 2000 - Opening of parallelWORLD BKK
4 to 9 pm (local time)
Opening of parallelWORLD will be transmitted 'live' via internet. Performance will take place during that time. By 6 pm (local time) there will be a meet-the - artists and Q & A session at Project 304. Audience on the internet can participate by sending emails or IRC messages to the curator.

31 March 2000 - Opening of BOXED: 26 x 26 (Singapore)
6 to 8 pm (local time)
Opening of BOXED: 26 x 26, the second anniversary show by Plastique Kinetic Worms. Guests online will be able to view the ongoing of the exhibition in BKK

2 April 2000 - performance
3 pm (local time)
Performance artist Ray Langenbach will perform at Plastique Kinetics Worms, and Josef Ng will perform at Project 304, Bangkok. Please log on to for latest update.

8 April 2000 - performance
3 pm (local time)
Artist from both countries will take turns to perform. It could be an event of responding to or a collaborative event. Performance artists not finalised yet. Please log on to for latest update. Console in Singapore will also be brought out of the gallery space. Be it in a caf? or on the street.

22 April 2000 - Performance
3 pm (local time)
Performance artist Juliana Yasin will perform at Plastique Kinetic Worms in collaboration with Karee Dahl. Please log on to for latest update.

Project 304:

Project 304 is a non-profit art space. It was founded in 1996 to support contemporary artistic and cultural activities through art exhibitions as well as media and timebased works and events including the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival
49/3 Setsiri Rd., (Opp Vichaiyuth Hospital 1) Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 Thailand.
Tel (662) 279 7796, 271 4076 Fax. (662) 271 4076
Contact: Jarunun Panthachat or Gridthiya Gaweewong

Alliance Francaise International Art School
132/46 Ramkhamhaeng Rd. Soi 24 (Opp. ABAC University) Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Tel. Fax. (662) 300 4425 , 213 2122
Contact: Philippe Laleu

Plastique Kinetic Worms
68 Pagoda St. Singapore 059227
Tel. Fax. (65) 324 3221
Contact: Yvonne Lee & Paul Chang

Office Hours: Noon - 6 pm. Everyday except Mondays.
Note: We will close from 13 - 17 April due to public holiday.

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