Noni Kaur

updated 27.09.03

BIRTH BOX: Noni Kaur placed negatives of men inside her box and the positives of her unborn baby around it, a reminder that women are the receptacles of life.

Latest Work
Noni Kaur’s installation at the 8th Havana Biennale encourages visitors to eat parts of the wprk.

Woman's sexuality, as spectator, undergoes a constant process of transformation. She must look, as if she were a man with the phallic power of the gaze, at a woman who would attract that gaze, in order to be that woman. Journey - a conscious and subconscious process - through my artworks. My own response is exploring and upsetting in some measure, the oppressor/victim, active/passive dualities. I question every assumption, reaction I have, as a result of being culturally conditioned. The expression of my sensibilities and concerns is not a politicised feminism but more of a psychic bonding to my femaleness. Amen.

Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching Higher Education, National Institute of Education (NIE) / Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Master of Arts (Visual Arts), Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia.

Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting), University of Tasmania, Australia.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), University of Tasmania, Australia.

Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting), LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore.

Young Artist Award, National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore, 2003.

President's Young Talent Award, Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore, 2001.

8th Havana Biennale, Havana City, Cuba, 2003.

Global Women’s Project, Mobile Museum of Art, Alabama, Arizona, USA, 2003.

Small Works Jam, Art Season’s Gallery, Singapore, 2003.

Women Beyond Borders – The Art of Building Community, Ten Year Retrospective, University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, 2002.

Global Women’s Project, (Represented Singapore), YWCA Women’s Art Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 2002.

Women Beyond Borders, Ontario International Airport, Ontario, Canada, 2002.

2nd Fukuoka Triennale, (Represented Singapore), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan, 2002.

10th Asian Art Biennale, (Represented Singapore), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2002.

Portraits Reassessed, Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore, 2002.

Nokia Singapore Art, Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore, 2001.

Global Women’s Project, Arizona, Maine, Maryland, USA, 2001.

President’s Young Talents, Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore, 2001.

Women Beyond Borders, Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2001.

Global Women’s Project, Stockholm, Sweden, Michigan, White Columns, Manhattan, New York, USA, 2001.

Feast!, Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore, 2001.

Mundjah Festival, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia, 1999.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Indian Art Through The Ages, Caldwell House, CHIJMES, Singapore, 1999.

The World’s Women On-line!, An Electronic Art Networking Event, Arizona, Chicago, Philadelphia, USA, Beijing, China, 1995.

Private Performance, South Perth, Western Australia, 1994.

Avant Garde on the Rocks, Arts Across One, University of Tasmania, Australia, 1993.

Interview in her ownwords:
Noni Kaur: As a young contemporary art practioner in Singapore, it's getting harder in some ways. There are more opportunities….new opportunities like this President's project - for exposure, for exhibition. But there are also more young artists out there now, and so now you need to be a lot more ..connected and active in your networking, to ensure that you stay noticed and supported. Many have another job - like myself - I am a lecturer at Lasalle - to sustain what I do - because I can't exactly "sell" my floor sculptures for instance. My family has been very supportive - they even help me to dye my works. And artist friends like Ernest [Chan] have helped me layout and install my works. It's clear that having a community that supports is even more critical now than before.