China Art Seasons is the first major Singapore-owned art gallery to be established in China. Located in the North-Eastern section of Beijing, the gallery is situated within a newly renovated factory building and has an area of over 764 square meters. Designed and constructed in the 1950s by East Germany with Soviet assistance, the place was an important project in its time, producing electronic products from its inception until 2002. Since it's opening nearly half a century ago, it has been witness to the vicissitudes of history. As China has moved towards a more open society and promoted widespread reforms in recent years, this space has evolved into a cultural and art living concept, attracting a large number of galleries, artist studios, design companies, publishers, restaurants, cafés, bars and cultural organizations to its location.

Since 2000, Art Seasons Singapore has held numerous exhibitions of works by Chinese contemporary artists in all mediums: Oil/Acrylic painting, Collage, Mixed Media, Photography, Printmaking, Installation as well as Sculpture.

China Art Seasons is founded by Terry Lee and Nan Nan Nancy in early 2003 to promote both Chinese and South-East Asian contemporary and experimental art. Mindful of its duty to support talented emerging artists, the gallery offers artist exchanges and residence programs for artists showing their work overseas. In doing so, China Art Seasons seeks to serve as an arts bridge to the rest of the world

Source: Art Seasons