Michael Ong

Source: Arts Central, Singapore

A well-known artist and sculptor in the Singapore art scene, Michael Ong belongs to an eclectic group of ‘foundation' sculptors that include the likes of Ng Eng Teng, Tan Teng Kee, Joseph McNally, and Teo Eng Seng. Together, they formed Group 90 , an enclave of celebrated local artists dedicated to life drawing. Though some of his closest peers have passed away leaving behind signature works that have defined a generation of sculpture, Michael persists at his life's passion.

His personal journey has taken him through varied careers and across many continents. After completing his art studies at the prestigious RMIT in Melbourne in the early 1970's, he began sculpting impressive works in Singapore. But the financial hardship of an artist's life forced him to return to school where he received a Masters in Industrial Design. After years of working in everything from property to spare parts, he eventually found the resolve to return to the art world five years ago. Since then, he has been commissioned to create monumental sculpture in Brunei and many other commercial projects. In Sept. 2003, the seasoned artist was one of nine sculptors selected to carve a commemorative sculpture from the recovered trunk of Singapore's oldest tree, the Changi Tree. Currently, he is creating a series of abstract sculptures that include individual portraiture.