Massot Gilles



Retro Specks / Future Pixs (station to station) - a video and photo based time-sculpture installation by Gilles Massot
18 Dec 2004 to 27 Feb 2005

The exhibition will be composed of 2 main sections. The first component will feature Massot's personal work and a video screening of the train journeys from Singapore to Johor and back. From these two videos, still images will be extracted and treated with sepia tone and bright digital colours to represent the past and future of the train line and its surrounding landscape. The second component will be a collaboration between the artist and the people living in the districts surrounding the train tracks.

The interconnecting train line is a unique emblem of the Singapore-Malaysia relationship - one that is historically rich, culturally diverse and politically sensitive. It is also an idiosyncratic situation as observed by the artist because "the section of the train line and the Singapore [train] station itself, are Malaysian territory within Singaporean territory" and that paradoxically, in administrative terms, one enters Malaysia before technically leaving Singapore!

Massot also perceives photography as a metaphysical entity because although it is a direct reflection of reality, this perceived reality is made problematic by the increasing manipulation through technology thereby producing a distorted manifestation. However, this dual nature of reality and digital manipulation effectively allows Massot to explore new dimensions of photography, consequently opening up new channels for re-interpreting and re-exploring the railway line.

Still photographs are extracted from videos taken while the train is rolling and are digitally manipulated to graphically age or "futurise" the film. These images communicate to us about yesterday and tomorrow with the language of today; thus resonating "retro specks" and "future pixs".

A French artist and Singapore PR, Mr. Massot has been based in Singapore since 1981 where he has actively contributed to the growth of the local art scene.



My Life as a Lamp Post

Itís exhibitions like this that really make you wonder what goes on in an artistís mind. What excites a person to consider the feelings of an inanimate object? Well, Massot is French and, somewhere in his dim and distant past, he obviously developed some kind of perverse emotional attachment to lamp posts. This exhibition is a culmination of 25 years of his obsession. With a series of photographic portraits of lamp posts on display, Massot hopes to draw viewers into thinking about, I quote: ď1. Who are lamp posts? 2. What is their life like? 3. What does it feel like to be a lamp post?Ē If you find this personification of the humble street lamp thought-provoking, or amusing, trot down to Plastique Kinetic Worms (61 Kerbau Rd, Tel: 6292 7783) between June 5-22 to view Massotís entire photographic collection.



Gilles Massot's installation of impressionistic snaps of everyday objects rendered odd to the point of transcendence and strung delicately before us on wire (pop shots, The Substation and Alliance Francaise, June 4-20).



Gilles Massot's practice covers a wide range of disciplines, styles and mixed media technics. His work as a fine art practitioner has been exhibited in many Asian countries and France in exhibitions often complemented by live performances. As a travel photographer and writer, he has published extensively in magazines and just completed his first book "Bintan, phoenix of the Malay Archipelago". He has also worked in the event and entertainment industry, producing set designs, commercial exhibitions and managing festivals.

Source: houseWORK project press release.