Animal Instinct

– a multidisciplinary group show by Tania De Rozario, Ye Shufang, Tan Wee Lit, Dana Lam, Hazel Lim, Shubigi Rao, Jane Porter, Marcia Ong, Joy Lee and Koh Tien Gui

Working on various levels, Animal Instinct is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that aims to address various parallels between art-makers and their animal companions. Artists’ intentions are often misinterpreted or mis-explained by third parties; animals have had their actions and intentions similarly misinterpreted by human beings. Animals as aesthetic or artistic symbols also lend interesting perspectives to various aspects of cultural and religious ideas. Examining notions of language and (mis)communication, the show aims to uncover/define a framework of instinctive processes that surface with any form of art-making and with the interpretation of a given concept.

Animal Instinct features the works of artists who will use a variety of visual languages in an attempt to make sense of the strange parallels between art, artists and animals, not only addressing our relationship to the creatures we share our world with, but examining the gut feelings that come into play when addressing a specific issue in order to create a work. How does one’s own animal….or artistic…. instincts come into play when making art?

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