Low Puay Hua


14 Ė 19 November 1987
Exhibition by Mr. Low Puay Hua on Pastoral Chaozhou
Opened by Mr. Teo Liang Chye, View-President of the Association at the Cultural and Education Centre.
Jointly organized with The Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan

Sentosa Artist Village had various guest artists, including Low Puay Hua, Goh Beng Kwan, Ang Ping Ping and Belynda Chua, who showed there. SAVís resident artists intend to hold one major joint exhibition on an annual basis.

 Soobin Art Gallery presents "A Brave New World" as a tribute to the aspiring contemporary art of Singapore.

This exhibition features new works from 12 of Singapore's most outstanding contemporary artists ~ Baet Yeok Kuan, Chua Ek Kay, Goh Beng Kwan, Goh Ee Choo, Vincent Leow, Lim Poh Teck, Lim Tiong Ghee, Low Puay Hua, Poh Siew Wah, Anthony Poon, Ng Eng Teng, and Tung Yue Nang. While it is by no means an exhaustive overview of our local talent, it gives an inkling of the spirit and quality of Singapore art, and provides fresh insight to the zeitgeist of our times. Indeed through this exhibition, more than 40 of their recent works, which reflect the latest preoccupations of the artists and their thoughts toward life and society, make their appearance into the new year.

In retrospect, the works of these artists are definitely not just another eye-pleasing decorative souvenir. Instead, the artists have delved aside mechanical representation of surface phenomena, to different extents, in search for an art that is more meaningful and profound, and closer to their innermost causes. Unorthodox as they might seem at first, these works are artistic triumphs that dared to put innovation before perfection and intuition before calculation. It is almost impossible to pinpoint any common stylistic traits among all the works especially when these artists are no conformists to tradition, the latter whom by abiding the well-defined limits of an accepted and authorized mode of visual arts, follows it strictly to its logical and pre-conceived conclusion. Passionate toward their causes, and equipped with an inquisitive attitude and dauntless spirit, they are relentless in their efforts to experiment with new possibilities in art. In their conviction to maintain personal progress and to keep abreast with the times, they invariably imbue the traditional with newfound vitality and personal insignia.

Exhibition Venue: Soobin Art Gallery, No.1 Halifax Rd Singapore 229257 (Short walk from KK Children & Women Hospital)

Exhibition Dates: 10 ~ 24 January 1999

Gallery Hours: Mon to Sat 11am~7pm Sun 11am~5pm

(Public Holidays By Appointment Only)