Loh Choi Ying


new mixed media works by LOH CHOI YING
Thursday 26th February 2004 7 pm
Utterly Art Exhibition Space
208 South Bridge Road 2nd Level, Singapore 058757
Tel: 6226 2605

Mon-Sat 11.30 am - 8 pm Sun 12 noon - 5.30 pm
The exhibition runs till Sunday 7th Mar 2004


…In the beginning was a dot. And the dot was still. And the dot slept. But the dot grew into a line. And the line was watchful. And the line was awake. In time, dots and lines aspired to be something more. They grew. They combined. They interacted. They formed shapes. And they dreamt of an existence that each in itself could not be. And it was good…

The artistic creations of Loh Choi Ying are derived from the simplest of visual elements, the dot, the line and the surface. Her arrangements are also simplicity itself, making use of dots of red, and lines of thread to build up visual statements. The materials she uses are homely and domestic, as they are unusual as media for fine art creations: hemp for canvas, felt for her dots and lines, cotton stuffing, multicoloured threads, the odd sequins for glitter, sewing and stitching… and the results are disarmingly unique, charming and endearing.