Lim Tzay Chuen

Born 1972, Singapore

Lim Tzay Chuen describes his work as being concerned with "offering" solutions to possible problems. For the Biennale of Sydney, he designed and coordinated an open proposition to the public: "Enterprising" persons who got hold of certain pages from the 2004 Biennale catalogues would receive the use of the Artspace Gallery 1, AUD$4000, 4 nights hotel accommodation and official inclusion as one of the invited "artists" to the Biennale.

This project is typical of Lim Tzay Chuen's practice. He is subtly altering a system -- in this case the curatorial process. Ironically, however, the curator of the Biennale of Sydney 2004 Isabel Carlos had agreed after negotiation with Lim Tzay Chuen to the random opportunity for an "artist" to be part of her On Reason and Emotion.

Lim Tzay Chuen constructs projects/works that confound systems of knowledge and communication. He is especially interested in revealing a moment in the thought process -- that time of puzzlement between discovery and realization.


Source: text excerpt from 2004 Sydney Biennale catalog.