Born 1955, Singapore


One Man Exhibition

1981 National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
1990 Empress Place Museum, Singapore
1992 The substation Gallery, Singapore
1996 Art Salon, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1998 Goethe Institut, Munchen Germany
2000 Tropical Contemplation- Damask Asia, The Alchemy Gallery, Long on UK
2001 Sun Rock - Karin Weber Gallery

Group exhibition

1986 Two Man Show, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
1987 New Direction 87, Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
1989 International Watercolour Exhibition, Thailand
1991 International Watercolour Exhibition, Korea
1992 International Watercolour Exhibition, Taiwan
1996 Singapore Festival of Arts '96 - Atrium Gallery, Singapore
Nine Artists in Bali- Art Forum, Fort Canning Gallery, Singapore
Taipei Art Fair, Taipei ROC
1997 Art 2, The substation, Singapore
1998 Art 2, The Substation, Singapore
2003 Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong