Three Headed Being Say Hello! It is very hungry...

a group exhibition by Leo Ong, Ong Ghim Chuan and Claire Lim

17 December till 3 January 2003

An imaginary world crafted by the artists where strange beings reside, their lives woven together by a haunting tale. A tale with neither beginning nor ending.

The exhibition will take form as an installation, like a portal opening suddenly in our world, offering us a gateway to view or dwell together with the imaginary beings in their world. Through the portal, we can journey to different places where the tales unfold. These realms each contain extremely different environments; one of chaos, another of saccharine sweetness and the last of bone-chilling coldness. The beings of each realm are brought together and co-exist in this carefully crafted world, where we are allowed a glimpse into how their lives evolve and unfold in this endless tale.

The tale told suggests that perhaps we do not live alone in this world, perhaps in some unexpected corner or parallel dimension, dwell some beings who suffer from our selfish behaviour.

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