- 1990 Studied oil painting from Zhu Weili
- 1996 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, studied charcoal and pastel drawing and oil and watercolour
painting from Tong Chin Sye
- 1998 Studied with Ong Kim Seng
- 1998 Became member of the Singapore Watercolour Society, participated in the 30th Anniversary Exhibition
- Presently Studying with Loy Chye Chuan and Chew Piak San

Lee Hong Geok has been interested in art from young, painting her own Christmas cards and sketching, but it was only after resigning as a teacher about ten years ago that she could take up painting seriously. In 1998, with guidance from Ong Kim Seng, she decided to devote her energies to watercolours. Her most recent work show her growing competence with the medium, her compositional skill, her grasp of the atmospheric quality of her surroundings, and her ability to transcribe exactly what she sees in terms of light and a feeling for the poetic aspects of landscape.