Kent Neo


strokecity_2005: a journey towards calligraphic architecture

Kent has been practicing as an architect since 1999 after graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from the National University of Singapore. It was after his working stints in China that he realised the importance of one's cultural identity amidst the avalanche of international influence.

In 2003, Kent took a break to pursue a master's degree in architecture, specialising in digital media at the University of Adelaide. He began experimenting on a series of digital improvisations on Toko Shinoda's calligraphic grammars. He was also interested in developing a non-Euclidean language for urban objects.

With the execution of 'Softstroke Series' in 2004, Kent documented his entire research on designing non-standard forms in digital media in a paper entitled 'AARI--Analysis, Abstraction, Re-Invention and Integration'. Based on the AARI methodology, 'Strokehouse_01' was completed in 2004. It was a liveable house designed in a continuous stroke.

Kent graduated with a Master of Architecture (Digital Media) in 2004 with high distinctions. Upon his return to Singapore, he continued working on the 'Softstroke Series' whilst practicing as an architect. Kent will be continuing his journey after this exhibition to pursue his dreams of a Strokecity.

Source: Monsoonasia