Karen Lim


Karen Lim is an independent curator with nine years of experience in the museum industry, beginning in 1994. She was involved as a pioneer in researching and setting up the Singapore Philatelic Museum (1994-1996). As a former assistant curator at the Singapore Art Museum (1996-2000), her Southeast Asian research includes modern and contemporary practices in Singapore, Thailand and India. In 2000-01, she assisted in the set-up of the first National Volunteer Center in Singapore and South Asia and was invited as a guest curator for The Spirit of Nature, a contemporary ink painting exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii in September 2001.

Lim's current fascination is in the interconnected roles of sites/cities and museums. She is interested in examining the site/city as a public space for cultural pursuits while taking into consideration the notion of hybridity in contemporary art and cultural activities beyond the museum walls. She is also interested in working with artists who make unconventional works that are ephemeral in nature. Being involved in their art making process allows her to readdress issues in curating, presenting, documenting and exploring the preservation and collection methodology for the museum.

An exhibition that she curated in 2003 is http://www.richardthomas.com.au/roots.html.