Karee Sonja Dahl is an Australian who has been living, working and practicing art in Singapore for 5 years. A graduate from the Northern Territory University, she has been practicing art for 15 years and recently completed a postgraduate in Arts and Cultural Management to enhance her newfound Singapore business kSd//cGr ART PROFILERS... It does just that - profiles, brokers and negotiates art and artists. Dahl's own practice is the source of inspiration, determination and drive for her business - artists make art - that is an artists' profession and that is what ART PROFILERS seeks to position/cement in the wider context/environment of economics, politics and society. Dahl described her findings when she arrived in Singapore as very fortunate to her understanding and development of art practice... 'so many artists work with the idea of collaboration here,' something Dahl finds energizing, comfy but also very challenging... incidentally she has continued to collaborated with Singapore artist Juliana Yasin since they met in 1998, and will do so again for this project.

Source: Natacha Blondeau