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Juliana graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Curtin University in 1996 and Diploma in Fine Art at T.A.F.E's Claremont Art School in 1994 in Western Australia and since 1989, she has continually exhibited and performed in various solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally. Recent highlights have been Fusion Strength an on-going project curated by her at Plastique Kinetic Worms in Singapore and Benda Art Space in Yogjakarta; Indonesia. Fusion Strength investigates the roles of installation and performance art.

Source: houseWORK press release




Cinta, 1st women's group exhibition in 40 years by A.P.A.D members at MITA Building atrium, Singapore, 2003

CP Open Biennale, Performance & Installation collaboration with Karee Dahl and Rosemary Lakering. Curated by Jim Supangkat, Asmudjo Irianto & Rizki Zaelani and organized by CP Foundation, The National Art Gallery, Jakarta, 2003

PALTAV@SAM [Public Art Library by The Artists Village at Singapore Art Museum] organizer and participant, one year public art project organized by The Artists Village at Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, 2003

FS?03 Indonesia [Fusion Strength], curated and organized performance & installation group exhibition involving 24 artists at Benda Art Space in Yogjakarta, Langgeng Gallery in Magelang and Puri Art Gallery in Malang, Indonesia, 2003

Art Throb, performance collaboration with Karee Dahl and Colin Reaney for New Year?s event organized by Esplanade, Theatres by the bay, Singapore, 2002

4th Asiatopia Performance Art Festival, group performance by The Artists Village, organized by Concrete House and Empower Foundation, Bangkok, 2002

Big Small Island, installation & performance for a group exhibition in celebration of the Australian Centenary of Federation, Australian High Commission, Singapore, 2002

Chow Kit Festival, performance collaboration with Karee Dahl, Colin Reaney and Benjamin Puah organized by Spacekraft in collaboration with other non-profit art groups and organizations, Malaysia, 2002

Flag Project, PKW?s 4th Annual Show in conjunction with the Gwangju Biennale, Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore & Korea, 2002

Nokia Singapore ArtÕ1, collaboration with Karee Dahl and Rosemary Lakerink, (curated section), Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2001

Traffic Space, performance collaboration with Karee Dahl, Colin Reaney, IAS-International Artists Space Project organized by Para-Site Arts Space, Hong Kong, 2001

Fusion Strength, installation and performance group exhibition, curator and participant, Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore, 2001

Kampung 2000, solo and performance collaboration with Rizman Putra, organised by Teater Ekamatra, Substation, Singapore, 2001

Asiatopia2000 - International Performance Art Festival Bangkok; solo performance, organized by Concrete House and Empower Foundation, Bangkok, 2000

Buntus 2000; International Artists Collective Exhibition, organized by Emma Johnston, Dublin; Ireland, 2000

Nokia Singapore Art?99 (curated section), installation collaboration with Karee Dahl and Rosemary Lakerink, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, 1999

Nokia Singapore Art?99 (Affiliated Project organized by PKW), coordinator & participant, Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore Art Museum & around Singapore, 1999

Nokia Singapore Art?99 (Affiliated Project with Alliance Francaise), group collaboration by 4 French & 4Singaporean artists at Raffles City, Substation, Hu?u Bar, Alliance Francaise Gallery, Singapore Bus Service, Suntec City Digital Film Screen, Singapore, 1999

Festival der Geister [Ghost Festival], solo and collaborative performance/installation with Karee Dahl and Benjamin Puah via live webcast, Organized by Tacheles-International Center for Art in Berlin, Plastique Kinetic Worms & Suntec City Digital Film Screen, Singapore, 1999

Artist talk ? On Fusion Strength; installation and performance project

FS?03 Indonesia, Benda Art Space and Puri Art Gallery, Indonesia, 2003

4th Asiatopia Performance Art Festival, at Concrete House, Bangkok, 2002


1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia

1994 Diploma In Fine Art, T.A.F.E Claremont Art School, Western Australia

1989 Certificate Of Foundation at LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore


Initiated by Lee Weng Choy, artistic co-director of the Substation, SCAN, one of the programs for MAAP (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific) Singapore, is a project which is a drive for both video screenings and  archive collection.

The Asia Art Archive has set up a temporary office at the Substation from 30 October to 13 November 2004. They see this as an opportunity for the AAA to reach out to the local art community in Singapore and to raise awareness of the importance of archiving art history. During this period of time, a call for donation of documentation and materials related to contemporary art has been made. Those who prefer not to part with the originals can leave the materials at the 'office' where they will be duly scanned and returned. Digitalized materials will then be sent to Hong Kong where these materials will be catalogued into AAA's database and become available for use via our website.

To spread the word about the project, an interview with the SCAN team – Lee Weng Choy, Juliana Yasin (AAA researcher for Singapore), Iwan Wijono (project assistant) and Angela Seng (head librarian of AAA HK) – was arranged in the radio programme 'Living Room', broadcasted by MediaCorp Radio in Singapore. The visit to Singapore also gave Angela Seng the opportunity to visit galleries, alternative art spaces and artists' studios where the team met artists and art practitioners, introduced them to the objectives of the Archive, and answered questions concerning methods of documentation, formats of materials to be deposited with the 'office', background of visitors who come to AAA, and the range of activities that we organise.

Being part of MAAP Singapore made possible a gathering of international specialists working with new media art at the opening reception of SCAN, where they discussed ways in documenting media art, shared the wish for building closer networks among organisations and talked about the possibility of future collaborations.

AIM II Project Manager: Juliana Yasin

AIM II Project Coordinators: Jeremy Hiah & kAI Lam Hoi Lit

The Artists Village
91A Hindoo Road, S 209126
Tel/Fax: 6296 8707

AIM II - Artists Investigating Monuments 2004 (PRESS RELEASE)

In AIM II, we like to explore the dual meanings of monument. On the one hand, it represents official meanings, on the other, it represent the individual's or collectives' struggle or resistance at one point in time of history. We will also like to explore the past meanings of specific monuments in relation to their present accountability. Monuments are more than just objectified symbols in their respective societies, they are specific witnesses to the evolution of a prevalent culture.

An objective of AIM II is to invite artistic responses to existing monuments and heritage sites, in this way attempting to re-present the original meanings of these responses as artistic findings. The artists are encouraged to respond to site-specific works investigating cultural, social and historical issues in the context of an urban contemporary society. The number of artists involved is invited by project-basis. This is a collaborative effort of 12 participating artists based on documentations and artworks presented by The Artists Village.

Artists in AIM II - Artists Investigating Monuments 2004

Agnes Yit
Colin Reaney
Dovan Ong
Ho Tzu Nyen
Jason Soo
Jeremy Hiah
Juliana Yasin
kAI Lam Hoi Lit
Mark Chua
Rizman Putra
Zulkifle Mahmod



Curated by Juliana Yasin (Singapore) and co-curated by Titarubi (Indonesia). Co-ordinated by Gemaila Gia.

The curators of FS'03, Juliana Yasin and Titarubi wish to thank Satya Brahmantya, Sujud Dartanto, Midori Hirota from Benda Art Space, The Singapore International Foundation, LIP and all participating artists and volunteers in FS'03 for their huge support in seeing this project through in Yogjakarta.

Artists from Singapore  
Agnes Yit
Benjamin Puah
Colin Reaney
Jeremy Hiah
Josef Ng
Karee Dahl
Khairuddin Hori
Lam Hoi Lit
Lina Adam
Rizman Putra
Tang Da Wu
Woon Tien Wei

FS'03 will involve the participation of twelve artists from Singapore and twelve artists from Indonesia. FS'03 aims to create collaboration by artists through art practices from Yogjakarta and Singapore, encouraging an exchange of experience of the respective cultures these two cities identify with.

The Yogjakarta audience/space/experience - the duration of the project is one month, 20th January 2003 to 20th of February 2003 - one month of creativity, and creation - one month where the public will be able to see artists at work, artists working together, artists creating, using local materials and local input. The project stimulates a certain degree of actual exchange and interaction with the audience, many of the works or elements of the collaboration that will be translated into installations and performances will be dispersed to the people of Yogjakarta through this process of collaboration and interaction. It¹s a unique concept and a good opportunity to showcase worldwide the vitality of Yogjakarta as a city and province and Singapore as a city and state.

FS or Fusion Strength was first presented at Plastique Kinetic Worms in 2001. It was a performance and installation group exhibition involving artists practising in Singapore. The concept of the exhibition involves collaboration in the art making process and intervention of artworks by all the artists. The huge success and overwhelming response from the exhibition has encouraged the decision to develop FS as a platform or strategy for collaborations between local, regional and international artists. Fusion Strength will be developed as an ongoing travelling project under the umbrella of 'The Artists Village' encouraging exchanges and collaborations between artists and artists, and between the arts and wider society.

International collaboration and exposure is crucial to the development of the arts in Singapore and Indonesia. The participation of all the artists in this event will be a valuable opportunity to expose many aspects of contemporary art from both Singapore and Indonesia. Furthermore FS'03 will be an important event for the art practices of the artists participating. Strategically locating FS'03 in Yogjakarta engages the project's concept ­ 'collaborative art practice' to incorporate a sub-text or new context ­ 'with cultural differences'. The collaboration between the local artists and visiting artists being the key to this experience. It hopes that the outcome of this ongoing project will prove to be very valuable and useful in expanding the relationship between two countries through cultural understanding and exchange. It also hopes to explore different levels of communication in contemporary art practice.


excerpt from TIME by: Genevieve Wilkinson

Singapore, February 2003: Juliana Yasin's spacious high-rise apartment has an all-white interior and a stunning view of Singapore's skyline. But what catches my attention is a lone portrait of a nude woman sitting with her legs spread wide in a casually defiant, sexually charged pose. I'm no prude when it comes to art, but the drawing isn't what I'd expected to find in the home of a practicing Muslim woman. Yet Yasin professes to be as engaged with her religion as she is with her career as a performance artist. Her life melds the two; why wouldn't her ...



Alterity is an activity

Juliana Yasin, Karee Dahl & Colin Reaney
Performance & Video

Being & Belonging

It's the 'arriving new' to any location, and the 'staying on' process particularly should that period be extended past the 'visiting only' experience, then it all becomes different. Interestingly, working with Juliana over the last three years in Singapore we have developed a common understanding and shared interest in many of the same issues to do with this sense of being and belonging. Hence the choice of the performance medium with its portability of objects used, along with the shifting nature of our three practices. The following are a collection of notes that form a background to this work.

Work - as - text............................................Artist - as - agent

The context in which he or she works; and the degree of purity or impurity of cultural affiliation demand of a work some sort of understanding..........what does it means to describe, to depict, and to represent.....the urge to make a mark, to impress upon the world some sign of our existence, is a fundamental human characteristic and desire......... we attempt to negotiate some kind of relationship, in terms of description and inscription, to the world around us. Marks may be intended to be provocative or indifferent, sophisticated or crude and, while they may often appear on the face of it to be trivial, they can also serve as a reminder to ourselves and others that we are active participants in a constantly mutating visual, cultural, economy. - Vision On, John Tozer on Jonathan Parsons, Art Monthly dec-jan 2001 p.28


The Performance by Juliana Yasin

I will be carrying a 'back pack' in a form of a cabinet which contains several pieces of artists' works. A long narrow sheet of paper will be placed along the street. I will be wearing thongs/slippers that have text cut out of the soles. I will ink the soles of the shoes with ink as I make my way down the street and mark the paper with the thongs/slippers. I will also stop to take objects from the 'back pack' and performing with them. I will also get several people from the audience to put on a thong/slipper to continue making the mark.

Julie wears thongs,
one saying - 'work as text'
the other saying - 'artist as agent'


9 'current generation' Malay artists invite you to a Ramadhan fast breaking buffet on the dusk of 14 November 2003 at The Substation on 45 Armenian Street.

This buffet is part of Berita Harian, an exhibition curated by artist Khairuddin Hori and co-presented by The Substation. Berita Harian, translated Daily News, is a rare presentation of young and active practicing Singaporean Malay artists. These artists will put forward their explication of news and issues persistent, current and significant through their various genres of practice.

Amongst the works showing at Berita Harian are; 'ReDiscovery Channel', a computer generated 'animation teaser advertisement trailer' by Ridzuan Saari, 'DE-stress kapa', a site-specific de-stressing sound installation in The Substation's toilets by Zulkifle Mahmod and 'Window Shopping', a CCTV installation showing real-time events inside various pockets of The Substation by Harman Hussin.

As clichéd as any gathering of Malay artists can be, Berita Harian however promises to be a landmark event in the history of local art development. This is also the first time that 9 current generation contemporary Malay artists are working together on one show. The exhibition provides a chance for the public and the local art community to view the opinions, statements and psyche of this 'current generation' of contemporary Malay talents.

Witness Berita Harian because it is NEWS on current state of contemporary Malay art

Berita Harian
Exhibition of 9 'current generation' Malay artists featuring installations,
sound installations, computer animation and video art.

Khairuddin Hori

Assistant Curator:
Harman Hussin

The Substation

Opening, 14 November 2003, 7pm
Exhibition, 15-29 November 2003, 11 am - 9 pm daily
Exhibition closed on 25 November 2003 (public holiday)

The Substation Gallery
45 Armenian Street

Participating Artists:
Juliana Yasin
Zulkifle Mahmod
Harman Hussin
Khairuddin Hori
Ridzuan Saari
Gene Sha Rudyn
Ismail Ishak
Rizman Putra
Sukaimi Sukri

Fore/Mid/After Words
by Audrey Wong