Colours from the Hearts

The Arts Alliance Group is a newly inceptualised group formed by artists dedicated to promoting the awareness of art while contributing to local charity organisations. In the groupís debut exhibition, 10 artists from Singapore, India, Israel, France, England and Germany collaborate to bring you a showcase of 30 contemporary paintings that will boast an eclectic mix of styles, media and subject matter, each reflecting the disparate background of the artists. Painters participating in this exhibition include Rita Brown (England), Alex Dťvť (France), Ulli Frings (Germany), Irit Levy (Israel), Ravi (India), and Judy Chang (Sípore), Wyn-Lyn Tan (Sípore), Irene Hong (Sípore), and Mansze Sim (Sípore). Proceeds from exhibition sales will go to Dover Park Hospice. The exhibition runs at Chateau díArts (39 Stamford Rd, #03-01 Stamford House, Tel: 6338 7467) between August 24 and September 8 2002.