John Matthews

Professor, Visual and Performing Arts, NIE, 2004

PhD MPhil Dip Art and Design London, Cert. Early Childhood Education Froebel College, London

He is an artist and teacher who has had teaching experience from pre-school through to art school education. His main research field is the origin and development of visual representation and expression in early childhood. His published works on this subject include: "Drawing: Developmental Trends", in Pergamon International Encyclopedia of Education (London 1988), "The young child's early representation and drawing", in Blenkin, G. M. and Kelly, A. V. (eds.) "Early Childhood Education: A Developmental Curriculum" (1988), "Helping Children to Draw and Paint in Early Childhood: Children and Visual Representation" (London, 1994) and "The Art of Childhood and Adolescence: The Construction of Meaning" (London, 1999) this book has now been translated into spanish. His latest book is Drawing and Painting : Children and Visual Representation, London 2003. He has also contributed a chapter "The art of infancy" in Kindler, A., Eisner, E. and Day, M. (eds.)(2003) "Learning in the Visual Arts : Handbook of research and Policy in Art Education, (USA 2003). He is currently working on an NTU-funded Research Project entitled "The Origin of Visual Literacy: How Very Young Children Produce and 'Read' 2D Visual Structure, A Cross-Cultural Study". In addition to this theoretical work, he teaches studio-based work, including painting and drawing in both traditional and electronic media.

Source: NIE